Objection to the 17 storeys scheme in Swandon Lane (Homebase site)

Author: Wandsworth Society

drawingHere is the objection sent by the Wandsworth Society to the Council, regarding Homebase site in Swandon lane redevelopment proposal (Application number 2015/6608).

We object to the application on a number of grounds:-

1. Building height

(i)  The proposed tower of 17 storeys- 62 m in height will dominate the residential area to the south, looming over the low-rise flats and houses in the Tonsleys, parts of which are within The Wandsworth Town Conservation Area.

(ii)  In the approved SSAD(section 3.6) “the height at which a development in this location will be considered to be tall is 9 storeys”. Tall buildings in this situation “are likely to be inappropriate”. Continue reading

Presentation of the Grand Hall rebuild project at the BAC

Author: Cyril Richert

Fire on Battersea Art Centre - Twitter pic

Fire destroyed Battersea Art Centre Grand Hall- Twitter pic

The Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) organised an event about the Grand Hall reconstruction project on the 18th January.

On 13 March 2015, during a major renovation programme (due to finish this Spring 2016), a fire broke out in the roof, and engulfed the building, causing severe structural damage, including the collapse of the tower. The Grand Hall and Lower Hall were destroyed. Firefighters were able to save a large part of the building including several of the smaller theatre spaces (source: Wikipedia).

Battersea Art Centre Grand Hall - Wikimedia (credit: Edwardx)

Battersea Art Centre Grand Hall – Credit: Wikimedia (Edwardx)

The loss of the Grand Hall had a great impact with losing the ability to hire the larger venues (a significant source of income). The BAC is not looking at changing the previous appearance of the Grand Hall, but wish to take the opportunity to make the space more efficient. An application will probably be submitted in February. Continue reading

Wandsworth is looking for a development partner for Winstanley/York estates

Author: Cyril Richert

Preferred Option = Option 3A

Preferred Option = Option 3A

According to an article published in the Estates GazetteWandsworth Council has appointed Bilfinger GVA to find a development partner for the 32-acre Winstanley and York Road estates. The scheme could potentially have a gross development value in excess of £1bn. Continue reading

Update on Winstanley/York development: nothing new

Author: Cyril Richert


Plan as shown in the “update” booklet: still cluster of 20+ storey towers near Flacon Bridge, despite Crossrail saying this area is reserved for station entrance.

On the last day of 2015, Wandsworth Council published a detailed booklet updating residents on the regeneration scheme for the Winstanley and York Road estates. You can also download a copy now from the council’s website.

There is nothing really new about the plan. Actually the so-called “update” does not even consider at first the issue caused by the safeguarded zone between Grant Road and Falcon Bridge, where Crossrail 2 intends to build one of their station entrances, and part of the Clapham junction station redevelopment. In February 2015 the Council wrote to Crossrail: “The Council is concerned that once the safeguarding is issued, TfL would not allow these proposed developments to proceed.”  Continue reading

Local plan still unsound but minor modifications will make it sound says inspector

Author: Cyril Richert

Local Plan examination - Hearing session 8th July 2015

Local Plan examination – Hearing session 8th July 2015

The government inspector in charge of reviewing Wandsworth planning policy submitted his report on December 23rd, 2015 concluded that it “has a number of deficiencies in relation to soundness […] which mean that [he] recommend[s] non-adoption of it as submitted“.

However he recommended main modifications to make the local plan sound and the Council announced on its website that it considered that the Local Plan has been found sound and they will now make those modifications and prepare the final versions of the Local Plan for adoption in March 2016. Continue reading

Developers get early Xmas present from Council with approved towers previously refused

Author: Cyril Richert

view York Park

“The design of the facades has remained very similar to the previous application” says the report

A month before Xmas, Wandsworth Planning Application Committee approved a scheme in York Road, including a 17 storey tower, that they previously refused for the following reasons :

“proposed massing and design by reason of the density of the development would constitute an unneighbourly form of development that would result in an unacceptable level of harm to the amenities of the occupants of neighbouring properties through overlooking and loss of privacy”

Hmmm I forgot to add that the refusal was just before the general election last May, so no need to be so concerned about the residents anymore now for Wandsworth Council! In a recent comment, the leader of the Council Cllr Govindia mocked Battersea  residents objecting to planning application, saying “as a percentage of the Borough’s population of around 310,000″ their number is insignifiant (even less significant in comparison to the entire population of England who does not object to Wandsworth’s schemes surely, ha ha!). Continue reading

New consultation on planning documents: what’s the point?

Author: Cyril Richert

The Council is producing a new Local Plan document  covering employment premises and industrial land. This new document will replace the employment and industrial land policies in the existing Local Plan documents, the Core Strategy, Development Management Policies Document (DMPD) and the Site Specific Allocations Document (SSAD). At the same time the Council will be starting work on the full review of the Local Plan which will include review of all other policy matters (YES, already… the current local plan is still under examination, that the Council is already working on changing the not-yet-approved one!). Continue reading