Big Fat Panda trendy night club permission refused

Author: Cyril Richert

281 Lavender Hill SW11 1LP - Big Fat Panda

281 Lavender Hill SW11 1LP – Big Fat Panda

On Tuesday 19th May, the Licensing sub-committee refused the application from Grand Union to transform Big Fat Panda restaurant into a bar/night-club.  (more…)

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Battersea Park to be severely damaged due to Formula E

Author: Battersea Park Formula E Action Group

Park notice

Park notice

Back in early summer 2013 the Council was in correspondence with City Hall about a proposal for Formula E racing in Battersea Park.  One should add that, according to news items, the venues under consideration had included Wembley; Battersea Park was not even on the agenda

Battersea’s connection with ex-Council Leader Sir Edward Lister

Why, then, did they suddenly decide that a small beautiful Victorian Park was a better bet? Possibly because of Battersea’s connection with ex-Council Leader Sir Edward Lister, Deputy to Boris Johnson. (more…)

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How is Clapham Junction changing…

Author: Cyril Richert

When you think about it, little has changed in Clapham Junction for the past 10 years (although the Council is planning to fill the area with many more high towers).

However taking advantage of the “history” option in Google map, we can see the two main changes in the area since 2008 and get our own opinion on the positive (or negative) impact of the new schemes. (more…)

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With Google Earth Pro we can model and visualise developers’ scheme

Author: Cyril Richert

After 10 years, Google has decided to make Google Earth Pro available for free. The Pro version has much more robust geospatial tools that are especially useful to architects. (more…)

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Planning in Wandsworth: is the Council out of control?

Author: Cyril Richert

A few days ago appeared a new proposal of a 30 storey tower at 100 York road (p.a. 2015/2309). If it looks like a “deja vu” it’s because developers have been proposing a 17 storeys for the site next door (98 York Road), and another 20 storey tower for 198 York Road.

For all those sites, Wandsworth Council planning documents say that buildings of 9 storeys or more “are likely to be inappropriate“. Maybe there is a typo and the Council wanted to write 29? Or do you think that developers cannot read?

Maybe it is just that they ignore the policy documents as they know that the planning officers will approve any major plan, with the same usual arguments: “on balance the positive aspects are considered to outweigh other aspects of the scheme” , and “benefits outweigh harms/detrimental impact” (choose your preferred option – all real quotes from recent officer’s reports).

It was recently confirmed by a developer who said: “‘are likely’ […] does not go as far as advising that the site would not be suitable for tall buildings. Furthermore, as there is a number of emerging tall buildings proposed within the York Road/Lombard Road area, the Council […] acknowledges [that] tall buildings would not be out of place.

Therefore we can only wonder : is the Council out of control? As hundreds of local residents are complaining, they are ignored as practice continue. (more…)

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Bye Bye Homebase, welcome 20 storey buildings

Author: Cyril Richert

Proposed development for 198 York Road (currently Homebase)

Proposed development for 198 York Road (currently Homebase)

Planning application 2015/0881 and 2015/0934 is proposing to demolish Homebase on 198 York Road, to be replaced by 3 part 2,6,7,9,11 and 20 storey buildings to provide 261 residential units and 2000 sqm of business, bar and nursery space. Homebase  is due to close at the end of 2015 and will be vacated for the proposed development. (more…)

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14 storey towers approved near Lombard Road, contrary to planning documents.

Author: Cyril Richert

drawingAnother tower of 14 storey tower at 56 – 66 Gwynne Road SW11 3UW, near Lombard Road has been approved in February (2014/5357), following a positive recommendation from planning officers. (more…)

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