Planning Forum meeting 18 November 2015: some feedback

Author: Cyril Richert


Planning Applications Committee – Room 123

I think it is now more or less established that there will be 2 planning forums per year, as the previous one happened on the 10th June 2015 (I forgot to report about it but you can download the minutes HERE).

Therefore, a new planning forum was held on 18th November 2015. 11 individuals from community groups and societies attended the meeting, along with 4 officers and the chair of the Planning Application Committee, Cllr McDermott. Continue reading

Local Plan review: Comments on Council’s modifications

Author: Cyril Richert

Local Plan examination - Hearing session 8th July 2015

Local Plan examination – Hearing session 8th July 2015

At the end of October we submitted a formal response to the consultation on proposed modifications from Wandsworth Council, following the government inspector (in charge of reviewing the Local Plan) interim letter.

Not surprisingly, we followed the comments already expressed in our previous article (click HERE). You can download our representation HERE.

Below are the key elements.

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Public Meeting York area: the videos

Author: Cyril Richert

leafletOn the 1st of November, more than 90 people attended the Public Meeting organised in York Gardens library by CJAG, in order to talk about the developments planned for York Road, Lombard Road and Clapham Junction area. This was also a very good opportunity to talk about the general planning strategy, implementation of planning policies by the Council.  Continue reading

You want to know what transformations are planned for the area? Come to our Public Meeting on 1st November 2015

Author: Cyril Richert

28 storeys in Lombard Road, 21 storeys and a podium to replace Homebase in York Road, buildings on York Gardens… but also the 36 storey tower Chinese development at the Ram Brewery, a 26 storeys in Garatt Lane and a large scheme near Wandsworth roundabout: all against planning regulation, all justified because “benefits outweigh harms”, large developments regularly recommended for approval despite planning policies, a government inspector saying that a big part of Wandsworth planning documents are ineffective…

If you want to know about that and much more, come to our public meeting this Sunday:

Sunday 1st November 2015

Venue: York Gardens Library 34 Lavender Road SW11 2UG Continue reading

Why is Wandsworth Council unable to meet its own target on affordable housing

Author: Cyril Richert

Last July we attended the hearing organised by the government inspector in charge of reviewing Wandsworth planning policy. While we were discussing the level of housing in the borough, a senior officer acknowledged that Wandsworth was unable to meet its target of 40% affordable accommodation in every new developments. The figures are way below, although at the same time the Council is exceeding its target on total housing built.

So, why is the Council unable to promote affordable housing, or why is it building so many unaffordable units? Continue reading

Do as I say not as I do

Author: Cyril Richert

A scheme was recently criticised for the extra pressure it would create on local amenities:

“Concerns have already been raised that the proposed […] 602 flats could create significant extra pressure on the local transport network, with increased traffic congestion and more passengers accessing local rail services, especially at the already busy and crowded […] Station.

There are fears too that new residential accommodation on this scale could make it much more difficult for existing residents to access local GP and hospital services, while some critics say the proposals do not provide enough parking spaces for such a large scale development.

And there are concerns that the plans to also include a large retail space on the site could have an adverse impact on nearby shops and businesses.

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