Large developments encline to ignore Wandsworth planning policies

Author: Cyril Richert

Is Wandsworth a new free land for developers wishing to erect high luxury towers ? Was there a pledge from the Conservatives at the last local election to transform Wandsworth landscape? Or is it the case that developers come in number for higher schemes because they know that the Council will look at their proposals with sympathy (and maybe even encourage them)? And why developers ignore Wandsworth planning documents when submitting applications to the Council? (more…)

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A new 28 storey tower proposed in the area

Author: Cyril Richert

28 storey tower proposed for Lombard Road, SW11

Another very high tower is proposed within the close vicinity of Clapham Junction. Just beside the Grade II listed Cremorne/Battersea railway bridge (where a local architect presented a footbridge linking Battersea square and Imperial Wharf last year), Barratt London is proposing to build a 28-storey tower (12-14 Lombard Road, SW11). (more…)

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Council’s plan for a Cluster of High Towers

The Clapham Junction Action Group is currently distributing leaflets in the area to warn about the Council’s plan for a Cluster of High Towers beside Clapham Junction station.

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You can download our leaflet HERE and see it below.

>> If you can help us to distribute in your area, please contact us.


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Even the Council’s own proposal can’t bear following its own planning documents

Author: Cyril Richert


We have just received last Wednesday (although dated 8th October!) a new application for a 26 storey tower at Garatt Lane. You might not consider this as our prime area of interest (although it is close to the Ram Brewery that we commented on, and this is just in front, beside South side!) however the proposal on Council’s land raise some attention, not only because of the size but primarily because it contradicts blankly Wandsworth borough Local Plan for the area. (more…)

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Independent Research shows Wandsworth planning consultation method failed

Author: Cyril Richert

A new research on Wandsworth planning consultation concluded that “citizens are not discouraged to further participate by the way the consultation tools works, but rather by the council’s attitude towards their views“.

And it says that Wandsworth is “either not aware of the problems or is not interested in improving the service delivered“. The study found also that Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC)  did not request any feedback from its citizens, “which means that a communication channel does not exist betweens the Council and its residents“. (more…)

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Consultation on proposals to change sibling priority rule

Author: Cyril Richert

A while ago (2011) we published a few articles on school campaign in Clapham Junction. This was mainly triggered by both the successful campaign to open a new secondary school in the former Bolingbroke Hospital, and the less successful campaign to amend the catchment area for the Belleville school’s annexe in Forthbridge road.

The council is now consulting parents in Wandsworth on proposed changes to school admission rules that aim to make it easier for children to attend their local neighbourhood community school.

The public consultation will ask parents if they support moves to update the current arrangements that give preference to siblings when a school is oversubscribed.

Under the existing admission arrangements priority for a school place is given to a younger sibling regardless of where they live.

The council is proposing that sibling priority should only apply in future to children who live within 800 metres of the school. Siblings residing further away would no longer have priority over children living closer. (more…)

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Battersea Park to become… a local Silverstone?

Author: Julia Matcham

Formula E racing

Wandsworth Council is proposing to use Battersea Park for Formula E electric cars motor racing in June 2015, and repeat that for the next five years.

Surely the Council have taken enough commercial advantage of our public park?

There is always something going on and most of it not affordable by many Battersea residents. Obviously this does underwrite some of our taxes and some flexibility is reasonable providing it doesn’t disturb the peace or seriously interrupt the citizens use of what is after all a public park and which might be said to belong to all of us.

Now we have the prospect of a local Silverstone. It is our park. Do we really want this ‘exciting event’??? (more…)

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