If you consult the developer’s website, you will see some amazing statement:

Metro Shopping Fund widely consulted the local community on its plans and received very positive feedback and constructive input in to shaping the final proposals.

On the consultation page of the website, you can even read:

Metro Shopping Fund was keen to hear the views and opinions on its plans for Clapham Junction from as many local people as possible.

Our four day consultation event at Clapham Junction attracted around a thousand local people, both residents and station users.

Feedback from the local community was very positive with strong support for the proposed station improvements, new public realm and proposed new shopping street. While over 72% of respondents rated the proposed residential buildings as satisfactory or better.

Of course they received strong support for the station improvement! Everybody would like the station to be redeveloped, with better access, better amenities, no overcrowding any more and up to the standard that is deserved by the busiest inter-rail connection in Europe.

But if you remember the number of objections displayed on the Council website, most of them with countless arguments against the tower developement and the damage caused to the vicinity, the 90% representations asking to refuse the scheme and reconsider the planning developement, calling that a wide support in favour of the plan is stretching the reality a bit too far !

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