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All during the last 3 months of this year you have been sending some 400 comments to the Council, with about 90% expressing your objection to the planning proposal including the two 142m high tower blocks beside Clapham Junction station.

On behalf of the Clapham Junction Action Group I thank you for your help, raising your concern.

Your views were also published in the press, as some examples below (click on the articles to enlarge):

Wandsworth Borough News 12 November 2008

Wandsworth Borough News 19 November 2008

Wandsworth Borough News 26 November 2008

However, as a member of the Council recently pointed, a crucial point of the action is the number of comments/objection received. With Putney’s project getting more than 500 presentations, it played an important role in the Planning Committee decision to reject the planning proposal ; here for Clapham Junction we have still some way to go to beat that record. I urge people who haven’t sent their views to the Council to do so. And alway remember that each single voice count, so it is important that people write personally instead of sending a group objection.

You will find all the addresses and who to contact and write to on our page.

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