NORTHCOTE WARD E-bulletin March 2009

Author: Cyril Richert

I received today the latest newsletter from the  Councillors of Northcote ward:

NORTHCOTE WARD E-bulletin March 2009

Welcome to our latest bulletin with reports on local issues including Wandsworth’s decision to freeze Council tax at current levels, details of the Easter Holiday Fun programme and the latest on the Clapham Junction planning application. Please forward the bulletin to friends and neighbours in the area.

Philip Beddows, Peter Dawson and Martin Johnson

Councillors, Northcote Ward, Battersea,

Wandsworth Borough Council.


Among all the topics, the most important news regarding our action is the date of the Planning Committee to decide on Metro’s proposal to build 2 tower blocks with the redevelopment of the station.

Clapham Junction Planning Application

We expect the Planning Committee to consider this application at its meeting on Wednesday May 20th.

Our renewed thanks to everyone who has let us know their views about this application – it is probably the most important to affect Northcote Ward in a generation. If you have not yet submitted your views to the Council’s Planning department please do so as soon as possible.

The Clapham Junction action group has analysed the representations made so far and plotted them on a local map. See the article on their website.

The website of Metro Shopping Fund, the developer, is:

Whatever your own views send your comments, including your postal address, to Mark Hunter at

Copies should be sent to

1. Cllr Leslie McDonnell, Chairman of the Planning Applications Committee, with a request to circulate your views to members of the committee –

2. Cllr Edward Lister, Council Leader –

3. Your Northcote ward councillors

We will ensure that the views of Northcote residents are properly represented when the application is discussed so please do let us know what you think of it.

First of all, big thank for quoting our article in the newsletter. So the date is to be Wednesday May 20th. As Tony Belton (Cllr for Latchmere ward, member of the Planning Applications Committee) told us during our Public Meeting, one of the reason explaining the decision to refuse the planning application for Putney towers was the number of Putney locals attending the Planning Committee meeting, the day of the decision. He said “it is actually quite difficult to do something unpopular when surrounded by 100 people who don’t like what you are doing. It’s much easier to do something like that if you are surrounded, as you were in the Ram Brewery case, by 20 or 10 people.”

So it is very important that you make the most efforts to attend the meeting:

Date: Wednesday 20th May 2009 – 7.30pm (we advise you to come earlier, possibly 7-7.15pm)
Venue: Wandsworth Borough Council, The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU (more details how to get there on the website)

Related topic quoted from the newsletter, regarding another redevelopment decision is:

Springfield – Redevelopment Proposals Rejected

We welcome the rejection last week of proposals for the redevelopment of the Springfield site as being “out of keeping with the surrounding residential area”. See Springfield plans rejected

As Northcote councillor Martin Johnson said at the Planning committee:

“The effects of the development would have been felt far wider than just the neighbouring Tooting wards. Northcote would certainly have been affected”.

Read our previous article on recent planning rejections:

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