A message from the Chairman of Planning Applications Committee

Author: Cyril Richert

I received today an email from Councillor Leslie McDonnell, Chairman of Planning Applications Committee. I publish it below in full:

From: McDonnell, Leslie (Cllr)
To : Cyril Richert
Date : Thu, 2 April 2009,
14h45mn 21s
Object : Objection to 42-storey towers at Clapham Junction

Thank you for your recent email. I am very aware of the massive interest which the application relating to the proposed Clapham Junction Station redevelopment has engendered.

It has been made clear both to the developers and to Rail Track that their design will not only have to satisfy the constraints of the current Unitary Development Plan and the emerging Local Development Formula, but satisfy the Committee that there is sufficient local gain for the community.

The Planning Applications Committee is quasi-judicial, and as it’s Chairman I have a duty of strict impartiality. I am nonetheless fully aware of the strength of feeling expressed at the earlier open meeting, and in the large number of letters and emails which I am currently receiving.

It seems most likely that the application will be coming before Committee on 20 May.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Leslie McDonnell

Chairman of Planning Applications Committee

So, the 20th May, is likely to be THE date.

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