Thank You

Author: Cyril Richert

Kate and I would like to thank you all for the support you gave to the campaign, writing to the Council, attending the public meeting, signing petitions, distributing leaflets… etc. None of that would have been achievable without you and this is a great example of local democracy we should all be proud of.

I thank the Labour party, the Libdems and PCS who helped us to provide the more than 20,000 leaflets we distributed since November 2008.

I thank also the Councillors of Northcote ward along with the Councillors of Latchmere ward who have shown great concern and encouraged everyone to express their view to the Council.

Last but not least, a special thank to Ruth who gave me this (I guess there is a message):Wine, cheese and bread with a box saying "Lasting everyday design against throwawayism"

3 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. The picture of your model for the new proposal for the Clapham Junction site looks most attractive! It would introduce an interesting and somewhat amusing skyline with appropriate European hints. Moreover, the crusty loaf-like roof makes suitable contextual reference to the wider, global, credit ‘crunch’. Sustainability is expressed through the ‘disposable bag’, slab-block design and the ‘digestable’ cheese. How subtle, and suitably low-rise – the loaf that is.
    I give it dix points.

  2. The semi inflatable accommodation bag looks like 18 storeys at least to me John, although lacking in definition that would come through the introduction of fenestration, and, further, the externally expressed glass clad service silo uses a material which seems to clash with the overwhelming context of the conservation area.

    Whilst welcoming presumably recylced and green materials the paper cladding system may fail the thirty five year life demanded in the project.

    The cheese, whilst starting as a low rise podium (how sixties!), may in fact get much higher as time goes by, and may ultimately fail, so should be viewed with suspicion.

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