Ram Brewery: pre-inquiry note

Author: Cyril Richert

After the approval of the Ram Brewery redevelopment project, including 2 skyscrapers, by Wandsworth Borough Council last year, the planning was stopped by the government as the Communities Secretary called for an inquiry.

We have no doubts that the Wandsworth Society is already working hard to present the concerns of the local community against the project. We have received the pre-inquiry note which make interesting reading on the layout of the inquiry itself.

Matters to be Addressed:

The matters on which the Secretary of State particularly wishes to be informed, as identified in the call in letter dated 18 February 2009, are:

a. the extent to which the proposed development is consistent with Government policies in PPS1: Delivering Sustainable Development and accompanying guidance The Planning System: General Principles (including the building heights, layout, scale, open space, visual appearance and landscaping, are appropriate in their context);

b. the extent to which the proposed development accords with national planning policy guidance in PPS3: Housing (in particular with regard to policies on affordable housing, meeting the needs of the whole community, promoting good design in new housing developments);

c. the extent to which the proposed re-development is consistent with the advice in PPG13: Transport (adequacy of the Transport Assessment submitted, ability of the public transport system to cope with the extra demand);

d. the extent to which the proposed development accords with national policy guidance in PPG15: Planning and the Historic Environment, in particular with regard to the likely impact of the proposal on the character or appearance of the Wandsworth Town Conservation Areas, the setting of listed buildings and on the immediate surroundings;

e. whether the proposed development is in accordance with national policy on hazardous installations;

f. whether the proposed development accords with the relevant provisions of the London Plan – Spatial Strategy for Greater London Consolidated with Alterations since 2004 (February 2008);

g. whether any permission should be subject to conditions and, if so, the form they should take; and

h. any other relevant material planning considerations.

In addition to the above matters, evidence should be provided to show whether the proposal is consistent with key planning objectives related to climate change, energy provision and the overall sustainability performance of the proposed dwellings.


The venue for the Inquiry will be in Wandsworth town centre, London.

The Inquiry will open at 10 a.m. on Tuesday 3 November 2009. On subsequent days, normal sitting times will be 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. with short breaks during the morning and afternoon sessions. Friday afternoon adjournments may be a little earlier, with the possibility of 9.30 a.m. starts to make up any lost time.

The Inquiry is currently programmed to last for 20 days, sitting from: Tuesday 3 November to Friday 6 November; Tuesday 10 November to Friday 13 November; Tuesday 17 November to Friday 20 November; Tuesday 24 November to Friday 27 November; and Tuesday 1 December to Friday 4 December 2009.

Representations by any interested persons is allowed after hearing from the main parties (the applicant, the Mayor of London, WB Council, the Health and Safety Executive, the Primary Care Trust).

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