Brighton Yard entrance: Work in Progress

Author: Cyril Richert

Here are a few photos of the current work taking place for Brighton Yard entrance (click on the images to see bigger). For more details, read our related article HERE.

Brighton Yard - new entranceBrighton Yard - new station location

Brighton Yard entrance with lifts being installed on platforms Inside Brighton yard new entrance

Inside Brighton yard new entrance Inside Brighton Yard new entrance) Lift to platform 17 inside Brighton Yard new entrance

3 thoughts on “Brighton Yard entrance: Work in Progress

  1. Cyril, I don’t quite understand …presumably there still has to be a planning consent and actual plans for us to look at on the internet?
    Work is being done in the photos but it would be good to see exactly what is envisaged? If not, why not?

  2. Continued…if the plan is as shown (sorry I should have looked harder), well it is very inadequate. It shows one loo plus two washbasins for the thousands of people passing through. Ridiculous. Surely this plan should be up for local comment on the Council’s web-site? It looks like a really pathetic answer to the problems afflicting the Junction…or is it meant to be temporary?

  3. Julia> You forget that you don’t have much more for the allegedly 60,000 people using the current entrance nowadays.
    It is possible that the new entrance will be amended following the Council putting £300k and NR hoping to raise an additional £700k. Currently the funding from the government is only providing a BASIC entrance.

    In addition, don’t forget that we are still lobbying NR to provide adequate funding for redeveloping the station, which means ideally linking the current entrance with Brighton Yard and making an access by lift to the platforms on Grant Road entrance.

    The BY plan has never been the ideal station redevelopment to provide solution to the current congestion for the next 15 years. But at least it might give some ease until we reach NR 2014-2019 funding plan.

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