Ram Brewery enquiry notice: adjourned

Author: Sylvia Harrison

The Inspector adjourned the Enquiry this afternoon, and will reconvene on Tuesday morning at 10am.

There are two reasons:

  1. The Wandsworth Society is not quite ready to produce their evidence [UPDATE], and
  2. the Expert Witness for the Mayor is no longer available.

Therefore, the Inspector and his Assistant will take an unaccompanied walk round the Town, particularly looking at the listed buildings and the conservation area, on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Ram Brewery enquiry notice: adjourned

  1. Might the Inspector and his team also arrange for a sound level meter to be used on their walk on Friday? Wandsworth Council environmental services could arrange this. I asked for this to be done as part of the central Wandsworth SRB (Single Regeneration Budget) project when we did a walk around Wandsworth about ?8 years ago and it was instructive to see the decibels displayed on the portable meter while we did this, arising from the traffic noise… (basically this confirmed and quantified the evidence of our own ears). The main finding as I recall was that the sound levels we experienced would not be permitted in a workplace. I’d be surprised if the situation has improved since then.

    My conclusion would be to emphasise the pressing need to encourage people out of noisy private motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles) and to use more sustainable, benign modes – walking, cycling and public transport. There are other reasons for doing this too, of course, aside from noise pollution.


    RAM BREWERY ENQUIRY: I posted a notice yesterday regarding the adjournment of the enquiry until Tuesday. I misread my notes. The Wandsworth Society had always been scheduled to give evidence in the fourth week and agreed with the Inspector to hand him their Opening Statement on Friday night and send their expert’s evidence as soon as possible during this week. They advise me they are on schedule to do both but because the Enquiry is now adjourned they will be handing in their statement when it re-opens on Tuesday. They haven’t caused any delay in proceedings.

    I also have to apologise for the mis-spelling of Toby Feltham’s name. It is actually TOBY.

    Sorry – Sylvia

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