Election Results

>> Your chance to contribute: tell us what your think on Clapham Junction station redevelopment

Author: Cyril Richert

Elections are over and you will find all results for Wandsworth on the Council webpage HERE.

For the 3 wards around Clapham Junction Station, details are:

Latchmere Ward

  1. BELTON Tony [The Labour Party]
  2. SPECK Wendy [The Labour Party]
  3. HOGG Simon [The Labour Party]

Northcote Ward

  1. BROWNE Jenny [The Conservative Party]
  2. DAWSON Peter [The Conservative Party]
  3. JOHNSON Martin Dudley [The Conservative Party]

Shaftesbury Ward

  1. COUSINS James Anthony [The Conservative Party]
  2. COOK Jonathan Peter [The Conservative Party]
  3. SENIOR Guy [The Conservative Party]

The new MP for Battersea is now Jane Ellison. As I said recently, Martin Linton (former Battersea MP) showed a great support in the last 18 months on issues such as the twin towers for Clapham Junction station and the 16-storey building proposal for Falcon road, on tall building policy but also on helping to organise meeting with the rail authorities and relaying our views to the Transport secretary.

I congratulate Jane Ellison for her victory and we are all looking forward to carry on the work and pressure we have been doing to see a real improvement for Clapham Junction station. She has already showed some support and organised a meeting with Theresa Villiers MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, who visited Clapham Junction Station 2 weeks ago. It was reassuring to hear that Theresa shared our concern as to Network Rail’s lack of accountability, and would plan to make them answerable to both commuters and parliament under a future Conservative administration. The next few days will probably show more outcome for the future government, but our hopes are high for Clapham Junction!

Regarding the Planning Committee, few should change from the former members HERE. However we might look with great interest whether Steffi Sutters (newly elected as a Conservatives councillor for West Putney) will join them as she shared our views for a Tall Building Policy last year, as a member of the Putney Society.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tell us what your think on Clapham Junction station redevelopment and send us your contribution.

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