Transport Secretary: Philip Hammond

>> Your chance to contribute: tell us what your think on Clapham Junction station redevelopment

Author: Cyril Richert

Philip Hammond is Transport Secretary in the new cabinet, the brief shadowed by Theresa Villiers before the general election (read our article when Theresa Villiers came to visit Clapham Junction station last month). We hope that he will address in the near future the need for Clapham Junction station and look forward to good discussions as we shared we his colleague Theresa Villiers and along with future work and support from the new Battersea MP, Jane Ellison.

We also welcome Eric Pickles as Communities and Local government secretary, who will be probably in charge of delivering the decision on the Ram Brewery Enquiry before June, 17th.

And last but not least, for those following the Neighbourhood School Campaign in Battersea, Michael Gove is in charge of education in the new government.

[Other cabinet members on the BBC website]

4 thoughts on “Transport Secretary: Philip Hammond

  1. “We hope that he will address in the near future the need for Clapham Junction station”

    Fat chance, he’s a Treasury plant to make sure transport delivers its share of cuts without any complaints. We can kiss goodbye to meaningful improvements, in other words.

  2. Tom>Well, that is then Jane Ellison’s job, MP for Battersea, who happen to be also from the Conservatives, to make sure they keep their pledge for redeveloping CJ station as expressed by the shadow transport secretary last April.

  3. The coming weeks will see fuller details of the economic legacy of the last government and we may be sure it will be bad news with pain all round. It’s only reasonable to think in terms of the meaningfull regeneration of the station and its immediate environs with the benefit of committed investors. To attract those local organisations and residents will have to work together to ensure that any likely partners are given the co-operation needed to ensure implementation of such a large scale project. That will require greater openess and perhaps some compromise all round, as the negotiiations to establish the new government have proved so eloquently.

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