Help: is someone able to contact the CJ partnership?

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Author: Cyril Richert

I have tried several time to contact the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership with no success.

In the latest leaflet they distributed, I used the contact email they displayed (see picture) and received the following message:

Sorry, I wasn’t able to establish an SMTP connection. (#4.4.1)
I’m not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long.

— Below this line is a copy of the message.

Received: (qmail 26613 invoked by uid 60001); 3 Jul 2010 17:08:52 -0000

Last year I also tried to contact Lorinda without much success (no response) as I wrote:

From: “” <>
To :
Sent : Thu 24 Sept. 2009, 16h 31min 41s
Subject: WBC Core Strategy consultation – proposal and CJAG newsletter

Dear Lorinda,

We did not meet before but as in charge of the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership, I was told by several parties that you might be interested by our current actions.


It could be a good idea to meet face to face and discuss those issues, as well as the current actions and aim of the CJAG in the area. As soon as you are available, feel free to email me back for discussion.

Best regards

Cyril Richert
Clapham Junction Action Group

So if anyone knows someone at the CJTCP, could they please ask her (or someone in charge) to contact me? I would love to discuss the different issues that the CJAG is involved in but so far failed to do so with the CJTCP.

UPDATE 15/07: Sometime you can look 10 times and still don’t see the error!

And the good news is that I got a response saying:

From : “Freint, Lorinda” <>

Sent : 15 07 2010, 9h 23min 03s

Subject : Lorinda

Dear Cyril

I see on your site you are transcribing the email incorrectly, the address is gov, not co. Just reply to this and I will get it. You are also welcome to call : 020 76273182

Kind regards


Therefore I replied that it would be good to meet and that the CJAG is keen to participate to the CJTCP.

2 thoughts on “Help: is someone able to contact the CJ partnership?

  1. Never had any problems myself- either email or phone.

    Their meetings are advertised and public, although the public may only speak by invitation. It’s worth noting that their membership is wide and includes The Batersea Society, as well as local councillors, businesses etc.

    We presented the revised hotel scheme to them in June, before the planning committee approved it.

    • David> Indeed Lorinda Freint sent me an email this morning (obviously the website is the best way to communicate as my email last year – with a correct address this time – did not get the same success).

      I will meet with her next week. Although she already refrained my enthusiasm (and apparently also yours) as she commented:

      As for joining the cjtcpb, it is a business partnership, but there is representation from the Battersea Society (Tony Tuck) who is the local amenity society as you know, and also local councillors to represent residents, and they will always be happy to pass on your views.[…] It would be an enormous disservice to the only forum for businesses in cj to turn that too into a residents forum. The fact that the Board differs on certain issues is a good thing, and healthy. It would have been more disturbing if they agreed all the time.

      As we will certainly discuss, we will have difficulties to pass our views on subject we don’t even know (i.e. presentation of your hotel project for example) and second, I have doubts one the way our views could be presented – by councillors who don’t even want to meet with us? (even with the best intention).

      A good way to serve the business is actually to engage in better discussion, and the CJTCP could be a good place to do it, as you often pointed out.

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