Battersea vs Clapham in the Evening Standard

Author: Cyril Richert

Thanks to James Cousins’ blog I read the article the Evening Standard (ES) wrote on the small (but exemplar) issue of Asda’s store in SW11 re-branding himself as in Clapham (SW4).

Asda renaming its store in Lavender Hill “Asda Clapham“, while in front of Battersea library, and a few yards away from Battersea Art Centre, was a subject of discussion at the last meeting of the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership, as reported at the end of our article.

In an article titled “Name of Asda store rekindles the ‘Clapham or Battersea’ row“, the ES said:

“Now Asda in Lavender Hill has brought the dispute out into the open by naming itself Asda Clapham, leading to accusations of “false branding“.

The store defends the move by pointing out the proximity of Clapham Junction station.


Asda is considering holding a ballot in the supermarket to settle the issue. A spokeswoman said: “We just want to go with what local people want.“”

Asda’s response puzzles me. If local people answering the ballot want the name to be Asda on the moon, or Asda in wonderland, or even Asda Paris (just to please me, thanks guys!) is it good enough? Well, folks, it might be time for campaigning!

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