Question in Parliament: no commitment for Clapham Junction station

Author: Cyril Richert

On Thursday 25 November the Oral Answers to Questions on Rail Investisment in the House of Commons gave Jane Ellison the opportunity to ask about the funding for Clapham Junction station.

Jane Ellison (Battersea) (Con): I very much welcome the Secretary of State’s statement, and the fact that stations were not overlooked. Clapham Junction in my constituency is one of the two busiest interchanges in the country. To make the railways really work, we need great modern interchanges. Although Clapham Junction never made it in any of the three previous control periods, will he join me in hoping that it will be closely considered by Network Rail for the next control period?

Mr Hammond: Network Rail is considering the section of line from Clapham Junction into Waterloo, and I will discuss its plans with it over the coming months and years. My hon. Friend might like to know that I have been told this morning that when the work at Farringdon is completed, Farringdon will overtake Clapham Junction in terms of train movements.

During our meetings with rail officers (Office of Rail Regulation) at the beginning of the year, we were explained the next funding process starting in 2010 such as:

  1. 2010: the industry will come with options (definition of projects and allocations).
  2. 2011: the government will examine a draft proposal.
  3. July 2012: the government will provide new specifications.
  4. 2013: ORR will review, analyse and check the funding for 2014-2019 (CP5).
  5. 2014: project implementation for CP5.

In addition, the Secretary of State should read (or maybe Jane Ellison can give him the link). Instead of learning just on the morning of the debate that Farrington station would take the role of busiest station in Britain from Clapham Junction, he would have read 3 months ago that his colleague Transport Minister Theresa Villiers said :

“This important work at Farringdon will see the station transformed into a 21st century transport hub […] set to become the busiest in Britain.”

Is this additional statment from Mr Hammond a hint to explain that there is no need anymore to fund Clapham Junction station?

The Clapham Junction Action Group is committed to work with residents, political parties, businesses and all stakeholders to provide ideas for the redevelopment of the station. You can participate here (click).

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