Happy New Year 2011

Author: Cyril Richert

This is now the third calendar year for this website which started in November 2008. After the end of our first battle against the twin skyscrapers proposed for Clapham Junction Station in 2009, we have addressed another series of issues in 2010 and worked with some success with other groups in Wandsworth borough such as the amenities Societies and the new Wandsworth Living Street group, and attended meetings such as the Planning Forums and the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership.

I could do a recap of the event of 2010… but the easiest way is to point out the 16 categories on the right hand side of this page where you can browse the different categories and find the latest news. In addition we will summarize the latest news in our January NewsLetter (if you wish to receive it, send us a message HERE).

Instead I am going to give you a few stats on this website:

Posts: 271

Comments: 509

Visitors 2010: 12,091

10 Top Posts for 2010 (most viewed):

  1. Ram Brewery: towers refused by government
  2. Excellent Primary schools oversubscribed in nappy valley
  3. Your chance to contribute: tell us what your think on CJ station redevelopment
  4. The Ram Brewery verdict: analysis of the government’s refusal
  5. Grant Road/Winstanley development: protest on work disturbance
  6. Belleville school extension: Forthbridge Road site issues
  7. Clapham Junction Exemplar Streetscape plan – is it good enough?
  8. Bolingbroke hospital redeveloped as a residential site?
  9. New Hotel Falcon Road – round 2
  10. Free secondary school proposal revealed, but money still unconfirmed by government

On behalf of the Clapham Junction Action Group, we wish you a very happy new year 2011.

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