Hearing Session: discussion on Clapham Junction’s development framework

Author: Cyril Richert

Following the consultation on the Proposed Submission versions of the DMPD (Development Management Policies Document) and SSAD (Site Specific Allocation Document), which provide detailed policies to support the delivery of the Core Strategy [1], the final documents were submitted to the Secretary of States on May 27th. An independent inspector is currently conducting hearings regarding the documents.

Agenda for Hearing Session

Hearing Session 6 – 11 October 2011 – Afternoon

This Session opens at 14:15 and it is anticipated it will be completed by about 17:00.

The venue for the hearing sessions will be Room 123, Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU


Clapham Junction

  1. Given that prospects for redevelopment of the adjacent land are uncertain, does the inclusion of reference to the re-alignment of Falcon Lane (proposal 4.1.1) introduce an unwarranted element of uncertainty?
  2. Should the land at Sendall Court (proposal 4.1.2) be allocated for open space rather than residential or mixed use?
  3. Are the proposals for improvements to the Clapham Junction Station Approach (proposal 4.1.3) sufficiently definitive and positive?
  4. Is the incorporation of part of the Peabody Estate land (proposal 4.1.6) into the town centre justified by the evidence?

The Clapham Junction Action Group (CJAG) has been invited to attend the hearing session along with the Battersea Society. You will notice that the list of topics covers all main concerns raised by CJAG, including our criticism after the response to the consultation HERE.

[1] The Clapham Junction Action Group has submitted a contribution that you can read HERE along with additional questions and comments THERE.

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