Meeting on trees

Author: Cyril Richert 

I have attended the last meeting organized by Wandsworth Living Streets (I must disclose that I am also one of their members). Patrick Langley (Arboricultural Manager, Wandsworth Council) gave a talk about trees in Wandsworth. Here are some facts:

  • 15,000 trees in Wandsworth streets (28,000 in Croydon and 33,000 in Lambeth)
    + 20,000 Housing
    + 15,000 Parks (exclude Clapham Common, managed by Lambeth)
    +2,000 others
  • 2 year programme inspection
  • 4 inspectors
  • Cost is £400,000 for 1 year for 50% of the borough trees (therefore a full inspection is £800k over 2 years).

Interesting comment made during the meeting, as the discussion went on the Peabody project: contrary to our feedback from the public exhibition, it seems clear that “the trees are not a priority for the developers“, which put in perspective the elements presented by Peabody to explain their concern on landscape and environment!

1 thought on “Meeting on trees

  1. Yes I agree the developers of the Peabody are too eager to destroy the green aspects of the site..we have had several trees destroyed in Comyn Road and none has bee replaced in over 2 years. Think the Council should allow residents to plant trees where they are missing and should provide a list of acceptable specimens.

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