Councillors in Northcote ward have met Peabody

Author: Cyril Richert

Councillors of Northcote road have expressed concerns regarding the size and density of Peabody’s proposal, and the potential traffic issues caused by the construction site and the access as planned.

They met with Peabody and several of their consultants on Tuesday 12th June.  Two council officers, Mr.Cronin (Head of Development Control) and Mr.Feltham (Case Officer) were also present.

Councillor Martin Johnson said:

We put our wide-ranging concerns to them which reflect many of the issues raised by local residents in their submission to the Planning Department.

We think the meeting was constructive, and they showed us the new detailed model which they will also display shortly to local residents as part of a further consultation which will also let all know of the changes recently made. Some of the changes are welcome but are far from meeting both your and our concerns (the model is not yet quite completed, but we understand it will be in a few days). We have  urged them to make further significant alterations to their proposals and await their responses.

We also repeated our serious concerns about the construction phases and urged them to give us more comprehensive information about the scale of them. We also urged them to look closely at using the railway for removal of  debris to minimise problems on the awkward local road network.”

So we will wait to hear from Peabody and/or the Northcote councillors to see what consideration was given to our concerns.

In the meantime, Peabody is organising an exhibition on Tuesday 26th June. We have published the information HERE.

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