Peabody’s exhibition: mock-up and posters

Author: Cyril Richert

Peabody was organising an exhibition to present a 3D mock-up of the proposed scheme last Tuesday.

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There was indeed an impressive (for the size as well as for the massing representation) model. We have taken some picture that you can see below (click on the image to see bigger).

On the bottom left you can see the representation of the Grant and make a comparison with the massing of the Peabody’s proposal.

As a reminder, you can compare with the size of the Grant, currently the second tallest buildings (after Lumière/Granada) on St Johns Hill.

Compare here with the current view from platforms (the estate is hidden behind trees).

All our photos are certified without any trick (contrary to images displayed by Peabody in breach with Council’s policy), using a blackberry mobile or iphone/ipad 😉

There was also a few posters (sorry for the poor quality, that’s all what I took with my mobile).

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