CJTCP – meeting 6 December 2012: feedback

Author: Cyril Richert

As usual when I attend the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership (business associations) meeting, I give a quick feedback on some specific points that were discussed.

It all started with a presentation of the Disabled Children’s and Young People’s Wandsworth service. They are launching the WAND card, a card confirming that the owner is known to the Disabled Children’s Register (DCR) with  the aim to help those with severe needs to get out and about, to access local services or to help with fast tracking, without the need for lengthy explanation. All WAND owners have got a free entrance for the Battersea zoo for example, but Wandsworth council seeks to extend the scheme and welcomes the involvement of local business.

Following this year complain about chuggers operating near Debenhams, they have been assigned to some spots and seems to behave by the rules.

A new Clapham Junction website will be launched very soon with iPhone/iPad apps and special offers.

It was reported that the Wessex House in front of the station redevelopment is still undecided. The last offer included three floors of clothing, but the owner is still keen on a mix development with retail, restaurant and some residential units. One of the previous plan is explained HERE.

Inspector James Ellis confirmed that  Lavender Hill police station is absolutely NOT under any threat of closing as they need a police station within the area. He also reported that Eastern European gangs of snatchers are operating in the area of Clapham Junction targeting hand bags and mobile phones. Although business robbery went down from 41 robberies over the period of April 2011-November 2011 to 31 from April 2012-November 2012, the number of personal robbery has exploded, from 170 to 525 in 2012.

Last but not least, there is no news from AHMM which has been appointed by Delancey to work on the multi-million redevelopment of Clapham Junction station, although CJAG tried to contact them in November.

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