Peabody Public Meeting 19th December to discuss the Construction Plan

Author: Cyril Richert

Northcote ward councillors Peter Dawson, Martin Johnson and Jenny Browne have requested a meeting with Peabody to discuss the Construction Management Plan.

Peabody should present details of the plans and respond to questions from residents of both the Peabody estate and the neighbouring roads during the public meeting on:

Wednesday 19th December
between 4pm and 8pm
at the Peabody Community Hall, St John’s Hill estate

The redevelopment of the estate is scheduled to take place in 3 phases between 2013 and 2020. The traffic associated with the proposed demolition and construction work will have a major impact not just on the nearby streets but also on the wider Battersea & Wandsworth road networks.

You can read here how they failed to prevent the scheme, how the officers mislead the committee members and the reports in the local newspapers (South London Press and Wandsworth Guardian).

1 thought on “Peabody Public Meeting 19th December to discuss the Construction Plan

  1. I attended the meeting to discuss the construction plan but I am still unclear as to why, if Peabody are using the main entrance during phase 1 in Boutflower Road for all demolition traffic, there are plans to reduce parking in Comyn Road?
    Why does the Construction Management Plan not indicate which parking spaces they intend to close?
    Why have Peabody not been able to produce a Construction Management Plan for all three phases?
    I also think that they need to look again at the traffic flow in Fig 2 of the Construction Management Plan. The proposed westerly flow of traffic along Battersea Rise means that HGV will need to turn right at the junction with Battersea Rise with Bollingbroke. At present the 49 and 337 bus make this turn and this causes quite a problem for traffic coming from St John’s Hill along Straith Terrace. Bollingbroke Is already used by the 49 bus as a bus stand and with the addition of HGV, this does not seem a sensible route of these vehicles.

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