Is Clapham Junction still SW11?

Author: Cyril Richert

While there is an ongoing battle to SW11tch back to Battersea, residents in Clapham Junction area have recently claimed for some results with Asda changing its name from Asda Clapham to Asda Clapham Junction-Battersea, and the new Travelodge Hotel renamed London-Claphma Junction.

However it seems that now even Wandsworth Council is confused as they started to label the area as in North Tooting, SW17. See the photo below:

Mossbury Road, right beside Clapham Junction station is now in SW17

Is there something that we haven’t been told? 😉

One of Shaftesbury Councillor made aware of the situation replied by email: “I’ll see if I can get it sorted.” Er, does that mean that he is not sure, and that it might be a permanent move ?

1 thought on “Is Clapham Junction still SW11?

  1. I also see that the new fitness centre next to the Travel Lodge has a big banner proclaiming its address as — Clapham Hill! That should keep everybody confused.

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