Clapham Junction station 150th anniversary

Author: Cyril Richert

Although we did not make a specific article to mark the 150th anniversary of Clapham Junction Station (as it opened on 2 March 1863), we mentioned the date in a previous article.

Clapham Junction Station c. 1906 - © Wandsworth Heritage Service

Although South West Train, which manages the station, told us previously that they had not planned any specific happening, Mr Jake Kelly, Customer Service Director for South West Trains, made a speech to highlight the importance of Clapham Junction Station.

You will read some reports on Cllr James Cousins’ blog (he made a speech too) with a photo of a few people dressed up in Victorian outfits.


And a report on Battersea MP Jane Ellison’s website as she attended the 150th anniversary celebrations of the opening of Clapham Junction station along with local Councillors and Wandsworth’s London Assembly Member, Richard Tracey.

Since the failed attempt to use private investment to fund the redevelopment of Clapham Junction station in 2009, Network Rail has combined maintenance with major improvements, the latest being the refurbishment of Grant Road entrance at the end of 2012 and the work on a new canopy on platform 9-10.

While we welcome those improvements, we have also always called for a wider project including a review of the main concourse and station access. Echoing our concerns and efforts since 2009, Jane Ellison said:

The station has seen number of recent improvements, including the reopening of the Brighton Yard entrance and the refurbishment of the Grant Road entrance, which have helped to ease the pressure. However, I have made the point to Network Rail on many occasions that the station needs a thorough overhaul to get it up to modern standards. I will continue to lobby for improvements to the station with Network Rail and the Department for Transport (DfT)“.


We are not aware of any project from Network Rail though.

We are in contact with  AHMM, the architect commissioned to work on a feasibility assessment on the redevelopment of Clapham Junction station site, but we were told that further information will have to wait for any decision taken by the owner of the site, Metro Shopping Fund.

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