Another large advertising board for Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert

Wessex-advertisingPlanning Application 2014/0492 has been submitted for a (temporary) large, externally illuminated advertising hoarding at Clapham Junction, this time for the outside of Wessex House (St John’s Hill).

Temporary advertising board to cover scaffolding on Wessex House

The display of an illuminated hoarding is planned on scaffolding shroud (6.8m high, 14.6m wide and 20cm deep) for a period of one year. It won’t be digital, but illuminated with overhead lamps.

The Wessex House has been let for 10 years to the Grand, and a scaffolding will be erected to inspect the façade and the roof, which certainly needs work. Several phases are planned, which requires first to inspect the building, carry the necessary repair and then cleaning, restoring and refurbishing the Wessex House building. The advertising board on top of the scaffolding would allow to raise more cash to contribute to the refurbishment.

Two proposals to erect large digital advertising board beside the Revolution Bar at the Junction and beside Asda on Lavender Hill have been withdrawn last autumn.

Although different from the previous application at the Junction, it must be noted that the site façade (and therefore the proposed advertising board) will be adjoining the Clapham Junction Conservation Area. In addition the structure supporting the advertising board will come forward as the building upper floors step backward from the street frontage.

A previous similar plan in Putney Hight Street

The Council pointed out a previous application for a similar proposal (13m tall, 12m wide) for 10 months on a scaffolding in Putney High Street, that was allowed after appeal. The decision considered that it was not creating a distraction for the traffic as to endanger the road users, and the zone being brightly lit at night, it won’t be a problem in a “busy, urban, commercial environment“. The judge justified his choice between the debris screened scaffolding and the temporary advertisement as appropriate measure  to speed up the work on the frontage.

As for Putney, conditions to restrict the illumination to some hours (for example 4pm -11pm) and for a maximum period could be set. A different type/size of advertising should also be preferred, or no advertising at all.

Northcote councillors said in their newsletter that they will be opposing this application as being inappropriate in the Clapham Junction conservation area and town centre. The Wandsworth Conservation Area Advisory Committee has decided to object too.

You can send your comments on the Council’s website (P.A. 2014/0492).

1 thought on “Another large advertising board for Clapham Junction

  1. There’s a more immediate, and more similar, planning application currently live for the main post office on Lavender Hill – application 2013/3418 (pretty much adjacent to the site where the digital advertising board was recently withdrawn). No actual building work was planned on the building, other than maybe repaingting the window frames, but the applicants sought to cover the entire post office building in a huge four-storey-high illuminated advert for one year.

    I opposed it (I think I was the only person to do so – but then it had relatively little publicity). Wandsworth (wisely) refused permission, with carefully considered arguments in the committee report – but the applicants appealed (and the result of the appeal is currently unknown).

    There was also a similar rejection a while back at what is now the Party Superstore, where Golfrate tried unsuccessfully to erect a huge (I think illuminated) scaffold shroud.

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