Winstanley/York redevelopment exhibition

An update exhibition for the regeneration of the Winstanley and York Road estates will take place at York Gardens Library at the following dates:

  • 3pm – 8pm, Wednesday 19 November
  • ​2pm – 5pm, Thursday 20 November
  • 10am -1pm, Friday 21 November

The exhibition will include:

  • Inkster and Penge refurbishment plans
  • Update on development at Bramlands
  • Results of tenants housing needs survey
  • Update on preferred option
  • Development along Grant Road
  • Winstanley Estate public realm improvement
  • York Gardens and community facilities

A team will be there to answer questions. Including:

  • Philip Morris, Winstanley and York Road Regeneration Project Manager
  • Charlotte Haley, Winstanley and York Road Regeneration Project Officer

>>> See our previous article in our Winstanley/York Road redevelopment dossier.

Leaflet Falcon CJAG P1

We are currently distributing leaflets. If you can help us to distribute in your area, please contact us.


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