How is Clapham Junction changing…

Author: Cyril Richert

When you think about it, little has changed in Clapham Junction for the past 10 years (although the Council is planning to fill the area with many more high towers).

However taking advantage of the “history” option in Google map, we can see the two main changes in the area since 2008 and get our own opinion on the positive (or negative) impact of the new schemes.

Woburn House/Travelodge Hotel site

Woburn House October 2009

Woburn House October 2009

Travelodge Hotel - September 2014

Travelodge Hotel – September 2014

Clapham Junction Exemplar Scheme

Clapham Junction crossing October 2009

Clapham Junction crossing October 2009

Clapham Junction crossing September 2014

Clapham Junction crossing September 2014

2 thoughts on “How is Clapham Junction changing…

  1. Hi I have objected to planning application 2015/0843. There is already enough going on here, we have a bar some flats and playground being built on the roofs at Falcon Wharf where I live so it is more cluttered than enough and there is enough amenity space being taken away already. One World Design have already withdrawn a previous application to build over the Oyster Wharf inlet because of concerns from the environment agency and from what I can see this is a back door approach to revisit it. The residents at Falcon Wharf are deeply unhappy with the current circumstances and if you members wished to support us and object to this new application that would be greatly appreciated. The closing date for objections has gone but my understanding is that objection comments are received after the closing date.

    Best wishes

    Ray Walsh
    Flat 614 Falcon Wharf
    34 Lombard Road
    SW11 3RF

    • It looks like the Council has a plan to make 20-30 storey towers the norm in Lombard road/Yord Road. Funny enough they are only now thinking about consulting on making Lombard road area a “focal point” (i.e. in Council’s jargon = acceptable for high towers).

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