21 storeys approved in York road paves the way for more towers even before consultation for the area

Author: Cyril Richert

By 5 votes to 2 (you can guess who voted against) the scheme 2015/0881, including a 21 storey tower, was approved at the Planning application Committee meeting on the 14th July.

Proposed development for 198 York Road (currently Homebase)

Proposed development for 198 York Road (currently Homebase)

More than 40 objections were received, noting that none of the buildings along York Road are over 6 storeys, yet the shortest proposed building
is 9 storeys.

We also wrote an article showing that, as usual, Wandsworth planning policy (SSAD page 234) was ignored.

All issues and breach of policies have been brushed off with the benefits of the venue provided for the Royal Academy of Dance (currently located in Battersea Square). In what looks like a copy-cat of the developer’s advertising brochure, the officers’ report says : “The RAD as an occupier would undoubtedly add lustre to the area and could provide the centrepiece for a new cultural district attracting visitors and further investment to this part of the borough“.

The level of affordable accommodation proposed reaches 20% (raised from 10% in the initial proposal), well bellow the borough’s policy of 40% (but you know, the RAD…etc). All commercial uses of the scheme and the public realm routes through the site have also been removed.

In a very cynical circumstance, the Council is currently (until 9th August) also consulting Wandsworth residents on the possible designation of Lombard/York Road area as a focal point (which should consequently allow taller building).

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