Retrospective application for the Alchemist pub

Author: Cyril Richert

IMG_20150708_094341Following the demolition of the former Fishmonger/Alchemist pub made without planning consent, the developer is now submitting a new retrospective planning application 2016/0647. This new proposal is similar to their initial application and seems only to be a tidy up operation to replace all previous applications.

Wandsworth Council said they where going to launch “enforcement action requiring the developer to rebuild it brick-by-brick” (in their own words, according to their official press release) and the chair of the Planning Application Committee, Sarah Mc Dermott said

“In our view the demolition was a very serious breach of planning rules which can only be put right by the complete rebuilding and reconstruction of this important community asset, using the same materials and to the same architectural design.”

However, officers in charge of the case said recently that they did not know the progress of the enforcement.

It is possible that Wandsworth Council will treat the new application as respecting the enforcement notice (which is the case if you consider that the enforcement notice was only telling them to do as they wished in their original application). This will make an additional mock of Wandsworth planning process, but who cares?

Read our previous article: The Council requires the façade of the Alchemist pub to be rebuilt

4 thoughts on “Retrospective application for the Alchemist pub

  1. Is anyone able to update me on the current status of the Pub?
    does the developer have to rebuild the pub” brick by brick”?
    i’m a lawyer in Australia who is preparing an article on the law and rebuilding of buildings unlawfully demolished.

  2. Has the council formally accepted and approved the retrospective application? If so where am I able to obtain that documentation from? the council?
    If what you say is correct i’m far from surprised. It is commomplace.

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