Peabody won Brick Awards 2016

Author: Cyril Richert

Peabody St John’s Hill, Phase 1 – view form CJ station platform 9

Last november, Peabody, St John’s Hill won Best Large Housing Development Award (Above 25 Units) 2016.

The Winners’ brochure says:

“The judges were particularly impressed by the ‘thoughtful touches to the project, and the hard work of the architects to add interest through brick and its many variations of colour and detailing’. Communal spaces are generous and the glazedbrick tunnel ‘creates a means of wayfinding for residents’. The building has special significance as Peabody worked in partnership with local artist, Rodney Harris, who produced four brick reliefs that have been incorporated into the buildings’ facades. They are inspired by the estate’s history and include clothing from WWII, garden tools and a sink, which hark back to the communal washing facilities of the original estate. Additionally, in the maisonettes, the bricks are pushed back to form an intricate, aesthetic pattern.

One judge commented, ‘the attention to detail in this project is exceptional. The nod to the site’s heritage is wonderful in keeping the past alive through modern architecture.’”

The annual Brick Awards celebrates brick in every aspect of design and construction. Recognising the excellence of architects, manufacturers, developers and brickwork contractors, the Brick Awards has established a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected and well attended events.

The next event will be hosted at The Hilton Park Lane, London, on Thursday 9th November 2017 (black-tie event/tickets for £250 each).

However, just weeks after winning this award, Peabody wrote to the local residents in December 2016, telling them that due to the estimated build cost significant increase, they had decided to put a temporary hold on the development; they aimd at resubmitting a revised planning application. More to be developed in our next article about this…

1 thought on “Peabody won Brick Awards 2016

  1. This is sad news. Peabody appears to be doing a good, and very important, job of increasing and improving the housing stock – hopefully(?) mostly at the “affordable” end. That they take the trouble to incorporate great and distinctive design features is to be applauded, and I very much hope that a solution can be found to allow them to complete the project without sacrificing the principle that quality design should be available for all.

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