Winstanley/York regeneration project: towers are so big they don’t fit on the image published by Council

Author: Cyril Richert

Architect image published in Brightside in September 2017 – towers are so big they don’t fit on the image published

The Council is pushing ahead the contentious plan to redevelop Winstanley and York estate and revealed for the first time the architect image of what is going to be build beside the new leisure centre.

While previous plans where showing buildings from above (never from ground floor) so nobody can see the size and the features of the proposed buildings, it appears now that the series of towers planned is so big that it cannot even fit on the page of the Council’s magazine.

Unlike private developer’s scheme where all documents, including architect images, must be provided ahead of any application approval, this regeneration project driven by the Council is making a mockery of planning rules.

Previously the Council was concentrating on advertising the “more human” scale of the scheme, with images of 3 to 5 storey high buildings located inside the estates.

Residents were flabbergasted by the image of the development published in Brightside this week and as plans are moving from bad to worse we can only expect more nasty surprises for the times to come.

We hope that people living in York Road intended to move into a dense skyscrapers area in a short future as it seems that the Council has not intention to stop the rise, after already approving several 20-25 towers along the park!

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