The Grant is planning a glazed roof top

Author: Cyril Richert

Owners are planning to alter the historical listed building The Grand in Clapham Junction to build a roof terrace and trading area on rooftop. 

The Clapham Grand is an iconic Grade II listed building, measuring 12.2metres in height at the St Johns Hill street face. Previously a theatre, the building now serves as a night club and multi-purpose venue. Event genres range from boxing matches to cinema screenings.

The proposed development (planning application 2017/5538) is at roof level at the North end of the building. The proposal includes an independent glazed enclosure, structural glazed guarding set back from the existing parapets and a new access staircase from the existing Bar area below. The new addition atop the existing roof will be a glazed roof terrace serving also as an outdoor smoking area for customers.

The created space will be open during the day due to its obvious daytime benefits. The purpose would be to serve refreshments and light food dishes throughout the day. It will be supervised at all times with a management policy in place to monitor guests.

The owner claims that the need to fully utilise the building is paramount to its commercial viability and upper galleries have been particularly difficult to use due to their configuration and lack of desirable space.

Tibbatts Abel has been appointed by Howard Spooner to carry out works for The Clapham Grand.

You can send comments on the Council website, or by email/mail quoting p.a. 2017/5538.

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