Wandsworth local election results at a glance

Author: Cyril Richert

Here is an animated map of the changes in Wandsworth borough elections since 2006.(*) – click on the image to see better.

You can see the full results for each ward on the Council’s website.

See the different maps below:

(*) CJAG was funded in 2008 with the Twin Towers proposal, so we took that as a marker to compare the evolution of Council representations over the period (this does not claim any credit for the change).

1 thought on “Wandsworth local election results at a glance

  1. lets not be lilly livered about this. labour have got far too close in this local election. Get out there and tell your wives and husbands to vote blue. The conservatives are far from perfect, but labour under JC are Stalinists and would ruin Wandsworth for a generation by making longterm deals and contracts just like Livingstone did as mayor..

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