PCS to become a NHS centre

Author: Cyril RichertThe saga of the PCS building continues. A planning application (2018/2208) is being submitted to transform the first floor from office space to a healthcare facility.

Harmless enough, it seems to be due to the local community healthcare services having been transferred from St Georges NHS trust (who already have local facilities in the area) to Central London NHS trust (who don’t have many); it’s been a bit of an issue for a while in health circles and this seems a reasonably pragmatic (and cheap) solution. The NHS should receive appointments from hospitals for maternity/sexual health.

It follows the planning application sought to redevelop the building into residential units in 2014 and a failed attempt to sell the building in 2015.

Bizarrely, the new facility is currently labelled “Clapham Hub” on the planning documents, despite the big board a few hundred yards away claiming “Welcome to the Heart of Battersea, Clapham Junction”. Hopefully somebody will realise before completion (if not, surely Love Battersea could help)…

PCS will remain in the building but occupying the top floor(s) only.

For more information, you can also read the article from LavenderHillForMe.

2 thoughts on “PCS to become a NHS centre

  1. There is also Japanese Knotweed in the front planters. I have informed WBC in the past, but nothing has been done to remove it.

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