What is going on at Peabody Clapham Junction?

Author: Local resident-CJAG

George Peabody would be shocked!

What is going on at Peabody Clapham Junction? In the new development, there is parking where ‘No Parking’ is clearly marked.

Scaffolding already on one of the new buildings!

In the meantime, residents in the new buildings have had problems with the supply of hot water especially in the upper floors.

And an empty site, where nothing has happened for 2 years!

Two years after their revised scheme (see our article HERE), there is still not much happening at the Peabody site on St John’s Hill.

Since the end of 2016, the site for Plot 2 and Plot 9 has been left vacant and the view in October 2018 shows how nature has started to take over the site but finally something seems to be happening.

Redevelopment in 2012 proposal

Plot 2 should be a 10 storey building housing the community centre and residential housing for older people requiring extra care accommodation.

Plot 9 should contain a podium car park for all returning residents who have cars and some additional spaces for some of the larger  private sale home.

At the time the proposal for extension of the scheme was submitted, Peabody threatened that it was either that or going back to the drawing board and nothing happening for 18 months, no much needed edlerly care units, no additional affordable housing. The proposal was approved by Wandsworth Council and… nothing happened!

This is at a time when affordable housing should be a major priority, yet Peabody went ahead and re-housed residents from the older blocks so that they could be demolished and then left the site.

Guess what the excuse for this is? Yes, it is Brexit! We all have right to feel fooled by Peabody.

UPDATE 25/03/2019: After digging up in the planning report 2012/1258, we found that in 2012 the officer wrote (p161):

“xv. With regard to the financial and technical credibility of the design, the proposals are submitted by a well known architectural practice with experience of similar developments with a viability assessment submitted and assessed by an independent expert on behalf of the Council.”

Seven years later, with only a third of the site redeveloped, and another third left as a brownfield land (after demolition of the social housing) and a net loss of much needed social units, we can question the judgement of the Council when assessing the “credibility” of the developer!

UPDATE 31/03/2019: Adding top picture with hole created by Phase 2 standstill.

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