Planning application submitted for Arding & Hobbs transformation

Author: Cyril Richert

W.RE (W. Real Estate limited), the owner of Arding & Hobbs building at Clapham Junction, as submitted a proposal (p.a. 2020/3421) to redevelop the building.

As far as we see (112 drawing and 90 reports!) there is no difference from the presentation that we had earlier in July.

The planning statement summarize the proposal as such:

“It is proposed to increase the existing Class E floor space through the addition of a two-storey rooftop extension and to refurbish the features of the listed building (herein referred to as the Proposed Development). The proposed lower ground floor and the ground floor Class E uses (being retail, restaurant and gym/health and fitness) have been designed to maintain the active frontage at the ground floor, with the office floor space on the upper levels. The upper levels will be accessed by St Johns Road, with the remaining ground floor entrances being utilised to access the ground floor and lower ground floor.”

We have analysed the proposal in detail in our previous article. It is worth quoting here our key concerns:

  1. We strongly believe the first floor facing Lavender Hill and the junction should remain in retail use – so that the building can keep the first two floors with their distinctive large display windows in line with their intended use.
  2. The roof extension is a bold proposal and a more visible development than expected to be acceptable on this listed landmark. It needs to be sensitive to the appearance of the building, and will also need to be of the very highest quality of design and materials.

Therefore we believe that if no improvement of the current proposal is shown on those concerns, the planning permission as such should be refused.

Feel free to comment on the proposal directly on the Council’s portal. And of course share your opinion in the comment section below.

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