Local residents want more greenery and sustainable plans for Asda, while the store wants the opposite…

Author: Cyril Richert

When he declared last year about the environmental ambition of the borough “I know Wandsworth residents will want to help and play their part in achieving that goal“, Ravi Govindia, the leader of Wandsworth Council, was right!

Since our article on Asda wanting to remove all greenery around the premises, including mature trees and thick hedges, we have received several comments including proposal on what instead should have been a good move from the store operator.

Daniel Furchert, a CJAG supporter, said:

“Removing green elements of the streetscape is an attack on biodiversity in the area. I have seen nesting and migrant birds in the bushes on Falcon Lane.

  1. The green edge should be increased with more trees to block road noise and reduce carbon and nitrogen negative impact.
  2. A water feature could also be introduced, keeping the air cleaner and providing a space for the pigeons and other birds to bathe and clean.
  3. The area at the front of the car park on Lavender Hill adjacent to the Post office has been ignored, but needs replanting and landscaping.
  4. A new living green wall on the post office west facing edge would show the true intent of Wandsworth moving to be the greenest borough in London.”

We also received a proposal from local resident Senia Dedić regarding solar panels on carparks. She suggests to write to all supermarkets with big carparks and ask them to cover them with solar panels to provide free charging points for their customers’ cars, whilst they shop.

Example of solar panel installation on a store carpark

You will find more information on the solar panels proposal in the document HERE.

Wandsworth Environment and Sustainability Strategy 2019 –2030 stated (page 4):

“The Council will promote and enhance its community leadership role, […] through working with residents, businesses partners to achieve our joint aim of carbon reduction and an environmentally sustainable borough. We will engage deeply with residents over the length of the delivery of the strategy and will be at the forefront of new and innovative approaches to engagement and behaviour change.”

It couldn’t be a worst time for Asda to submit its proposal!

[Disclaimer: Asda Leeds – as the store manager in Clapham Junction does not want to talk to local residents – was contacted and we are still waiting for their comments]

3 thoughts on “Local residents want more greenery and sustainable plans for Asda, while the store wants the opposite…

    • I have mentioned the sale in our previous article (bottom): https://cjag.org/2020/09/28/controversial-plan-to-remove-all-vegetation-around-asda-store/
      At the time it was between Apollon and TDR, the latest won and paid £6.8b to acquire Asda. I note in the article: “Asda said it would continue to be based in Leeds and that Roger Burnley would remain as chief executive.” so I don’t expect it will have any short term effect on our store.
      If anything, it shows the disconnection between a central management in Leeds and the local stores, as they obviously did not bother checking with local communities and even the Council policies for their proposal in Clapham Junction!

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