Peabody scheme to change again for phase 3

Authors: Cyril Richert & Jacqui Bowers

20210418_174640More than ten years after the initial scheme was approved by Wandsworth Council (with a lot of controversy, as officers mislead the committee and the vast majority of the local community was totally opposed to what was considered as too massive, bulky and over-development!), Peabody might be thinking about starting the third and final phase of their redevelopment. But that won’t happen before a revision of the current approved scheme as a new partner has come onboard.

In the April 2021 St John’s Hill Newsletter it announced that Peabody has selected Mount Anvil as its joint partner for the final phase.

“We (Peabody) have chosen to deliver phase 3 with a joint venture partner to share the financial risk of the predominantly private final phase. We wanted a developer known for delivering quality and Mount Anvil’s track record and reputation in London makes it the perfect fit.” 

And of course (!) at the Resident’s Steering Group, Peabody mentioned that the new application to Wandsworth would involve greater height to the present application.

The initial project was approved with enormous controversy. A Tory member, Cllr Heaster, proposed a motion to “refuse this proposal on the basis of height, massing and density of this proposal“. On the other hand, new Tory Cllr Sutter, a former Chair of the Putney Society where she fought against tall buildings, betrayed her former colleagues if the Society and voted in favour (not shame when you are ambitious apparently!). 

Albeit this controversy, Peabody had no shame to force the Council ahead of phase 2 to get even more massing with additional storeys on 4 of their blocks.

Changes 2017

Changes highlighted in yellow

We are waiting for the new application for phase 3, with the usual caveat from Peabody: “Don’t dare refuse it or you will face a no-mans land and no social accommodation for even longer!“, 

You can start betting: 15 storey tower? Several buildings with 2 or 3 storeys more? Response in a few months probably.

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