Local Plan: Site Allocations: CJ6 Territorial Army Centre, 27 St John’s Hill, SW11

Author: Cyril Richert


Territorial Army Centre, Lavender Hill SW11

This analysis intends to complement the very poor attention given to the site allocation sections in the draft local plan proposed by the Council. For a full information, read our presentation with the list of site allocations that we are describing.

CJ6 Territorial Army Centre, 27 St John’s Hill, SW11

The site allocation CJ6 does not exist. The Clapham Junction Action Group propose (once again!) that the Territorial Army centre site should be added as a new site allocation.

The Territorial Army premises sit between the listed Grand Theatre (equivalent to 4 storeys) and the Peabody Estate (soon to be up to 12 storeys). Whilst we acknowledge that the state of the buildings is poor, it gives an opportunity for a comprehensive development. However, we consider that any application here would need, amongst other things, “preserve” and “enhance” the surrounding area’s character, and its massing and scale would have to be “well integrated into the surrounding development”.

It should specifically highlight

  • conservation of historic part of the site (including frontage)
  • tall buildings will be resisted in this location and heights should match those of the current building fronting St John’s Hill up to the junction.

We have been requested the addition of this site allocation since 2013 in previous consultation. At the time, the response from planners was:

“Whilst acknowledging that the TA centre is of a size (approx 0.4ha) that would warrant consideration of inclusion as a separate site within the SSAD it was never brought to the Council’s attention in the early stages of the plan preparation period. As there wouldn’t be any consultation on this potential new site there would be no opportunity for public comment and therefore it is considered too late in the plan process to add a further site.”

We note that this time, there will be a further opportunity to view and comment on the final draft version of the Local Plan later this year and therefor no reason for not adding this site.

We support comments from Lavender Hill For Me community forum, especially:

“Certain preferred approaches to movement, such as providing for pedestrian site permeability through to the adjacent Peabody development, may be a very desirable consideration at this stage, to ensure that ongoing development plans at both this site and the adjacent sites can be undertaken in a joined-up and holistic way.”

  • Full contribution from CJAG accessible HERE.

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