More luxury flats and reduction of social units: the vision of Peabody for more bulk and density at Clapham Junction

Authors: Cyril Richert & David Curran


Proposed view on St Johns Hill – Image from

The most interesting part of the discussion we had on the phase 3 plan for Peabody’s development in St Johns Hill was the answer to CJAG simple question: “What will happen if your proposal is refused by Wandsworth Council“? For one long moment it was silent, before Mount Anvil representative eventually responded with embarrassment that everything will have to stop. There is no plan B. It couldn’t have been clearer that the consultation was only seen as a mandatory exercise to fulfil the statutory need and tick the box of “community engagement“, while already considering that it was a done deal. Continue reading

Peabody phase 3: will they listen?

Author: Cyril Richert

plan-phase3The change announced in April 2012 has now materialised. It confirmed the previous announcement that Peabody has selected Mount Anvil as its joint partner for the final phase. As the initial scheme was designed more than 10 years ago, it is sensible to revisit the plans in view of the experience in phase 1 and 2. 

The leaflet they have distributed to present the new project is vague (as a PR exercise, the idea is for the respondent to think they have a say), but Peabody mentioned at a resident steering group early this year that the new application to Wandsworth would involve greater height to the present application. In the meantime, images present an opportunity to reduce the width of the buildings (moving them forward?).

However, they seem to have learned from their experience with phase 2 and dealing with damage made to neighbouring properties in Comyn Road as it says: “Ensure neighbouring buildings are protected“. Continue reading

Peabody scheme to change again for phase 3

Authors: Cyril Richert & Jacqui Bowers

20210418_174640More than ten years after the initial scheme was approved by Wandsworth Council (with a lot of controversy, as officers mislead the committee and the vast majority of the local community was totally opposed to what was considered as too massive, bulky and over-development!), Peabody might be thinking about starting the third and final phase of their redevelopment. But that won’t happen before a revision of the current approved scheme as a new partner has come onboard. Continue reading

Peabody agrees on compensation for residents around site construction in Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert

Current work on site – September 2020

After more than 6 months of complaints from local residents, Peabody have announced that they were prepared to offer an independent building survey undertaken by a building surveyor and structural engineer for the residents of Comyn Road and Eckstein Road, whose properties have been damaged by their ongoing construction site.

At the same time, Sisk, their construction site company, has instructed a report from acoustic consultants to suggest other methods that could be used to keep noise to a minimum. Continue reading

Is Peabody’s work damaging properties in Comyn road?

Author: Cyril Richert

Peabody’s construction site – Comyn Road

At the start of it there were a lot of mini earthquakes. Now it seems like there are tiles shifting and cracks appearing“. Hence started the email from one of the local resident in Comyn Road. Another one said “I am fed up with my house shaking whilst I am trying to work“. Continue reading

Peabody: at last they are building again!

Author: Cyril Richert

Peabody 20200123

Work continues to prepare the site for piling machines and to provide an entrance/exit at the top of Eckstein Road for emergency vehicles.

This time, it’s for real: Peabody has started again their construction in St John’s Hill, Clapham Junction, after nearly 3 years in limbo, and 8 years after the scheme was approved by Wandsworth Council, against local community.

The redevelopment was originally approved in July 2012 after a large campaign to oppose the proposal and local newspapers naming the plan “controversial”. Phase 1 was achieved in 2016 but then Peabody wrote to the local residents in December 2016, telling them that due to the estimated build cost significant increase (and as we heard because units were not selling well on the private market), they had decided to put a temporary hold on the development. Continue reading

What is going on at Peabody Clapham Junction?

Author: Local resident-CJAG

George Peabody would be shocked!

What is going on at Peabody Clapham Junction? In the new development, there is parking where ‘No Parking’ is clearly marked.

Scaffolding already on one of the new buildings!

In the meantime, residents in the new buildings have had problems with the supply of hot water especially in the upper floors. Continue reading

A done deal with Peabody’s revised scheme

Author: Cyril Richert

Peabody is presenting their revised scheme for the redevelopment of the site in St John’s Hill. The new plan include additional height on several building: two buildings will have one single storey added and two others will have 2 single storeys added.

Changes highlighted in yellow

It follows the news in December 2016 that the estimated build cost for Phase 2 had increased significantly and therefore all construction has stopped, while Peabody is looking at amendments and a new planning application. Continue reading

Consultation on Peabody: 1st week of September

Author: CJAG

Phase 2 site looking North from Comyn Road

Peabody are leafleting the residents and ‘wider neighbourhood’ (although avoiding community groups apparently!) about a public consultation during the 1st week of September on their redesign plans. 

WHERE: The consultation events will all take place in the community centre.

  • Tuesday: 5th September 2pm – 5.30 pm
  • Wednesday: 6th September 5pm – 8.30 pm
  • Saturday: 9th September 10am – 1pm

It follows the news in December 2016 that the estimated build cost for Phase 2 had increased significantly and therefore all construction has stopped, while Peabody is looking at amendments and a new planning application. Continue reading

Plans to increase size and remove features revealed by Peabody

Author: CJAG

Phase 1 of the redevelopment (153 homes) was completed in April 2016 and includes 80 homes for social rent, 6 shared ownership and 67 private sale. During 2016 the Phase 2 site was cleared of all buildings.

Phase 2 site looking North from
Comyn Road

However in December 2016 residents were informed that the estimated build cost for Phase 2 had increased significantly. Hence building has stopped and Peabody will be submitting a new planning application.

The latest newsletter from Peabody, which was circulated to residents in Comyn and Eckstein Road, gives an outline of their proposals for Phase 2 & 3. Continue reading