Update on Clapham Junction station’s future

Authors: Cyril Richert & David Curran

CJAG met with Jill Stone, Network Rail development manager (Wessex area & early projects) on Thursday 17 January to talk about the current consideration for Clapham Junction station.  It was an interesting and open discussion, and we appreciated Network Rail taking the time to meet with CJAG at such an early stage in the project.

Her team is currently at the relatively early stage of exploring two broad options:

  1. A scheme aiming to release the current congestion in the station – recognising that usage of the station continues to rise, and the existing pedestrian subway is reaching the limit of its capacity.  At this stage it is envisaged that this would involve replacing the subway with a new footbridge over the tracks, and significant associated changes to the station entrance on St John’s Hill.
  2. A more comprehensive redevelopment of the station, again involving the closure of the subway but going further and building a new deck over some of the tracks that could accommodate further development and substantially improve access to the station.

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Crossrail 2 latest changes for Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert


Crossrail 2 Safeguarded area update Oct. 2015

Beside the discussion of pros and cons to choose between Balham and Totting as Crossrail 2 stations further down the route, they have also published a new document showing more precise locations for Crossrail 2 work in Clapham Junction. Continue reading

Crossrail 2 community engagement meeting

Author: Cyril Richert


Ahead of the plan to run Crossrail 2 through Clapham Junction, TfL and Network Rail have organised a meeting on 22nd July with the aim to provide a forum to inform, discuss and understand local issues and concerns arising from the Crossrail 2 project, as part of their on-going commitment to community engagement as the scheme develops. Continue reading

Our support for Crossrail 2 station on Grant road

Author: Cyril Richert

Blue Areas: These are areas where the Crossrail 2 proposals have a greater effect at ground level, such as for stations, temporary worksites or ventilation and emergency shafts.

On Wednesday 22nd July was organised a meeting to discuss a new community engagement panel TfL is proposing to establish in the Clapham Junction area.

As they work to refine the proposals for Crossrail 2, which includes a new station at Clapham Junction, they want to engage with representatives of the community panel, to provide more information about proposals for Crossrail 2,  to better understand local issues and what this means for our community.

Later this year a wider public consultation on the scheme will be organised. Continue reading

Winstanley redevelopment at odds with CrossRail 2 plans

Author: Cyril Richert

With the recent publishing of the safeguarded route for the Crossrail 2 lines, Wandsworth Council finds himself at odds with its plans to construct a cluster of tall building on Grant Road/Bramlands Close: this is actually the site reserved by Network Rail to implement the Cross Rail entrance at Clapham Junction.

Blue Areas: These are areas where the Crossrail 2 proposals have a greater effect at ground level, such as for stations, temporary worksites or ventilation and emergency shafts.

Blue Areas: These are areas where the Crossrail 2 proposals have a greater effect at ground level, such as for stations, temporary worksites or ventilation and emergency shafts.

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PCS sales is off as the developer pulled out

Author: Cyril Richert


PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) at Clapham Junction is no longer planning to sell its building immediately. A plan was revealed last November for PCS to ask for a change of use (from office to residential), in order to maximise the value of the site. As expected in our article, PCS was in fact planning to sell to a developer, for them to knock down the building and erect residential towers (most likely, as Wandsworth’s officers are currently considering favourably all towers between 25-30 storeys – even in location when their own planning documents say they are inappropriate). Continue reading

Crossrail2 update: consultation on Chelsea station, Southgate and Hackney

 Author: Cyril Richert

Following feedback from last year’s consultation, there are some variations for the Crossrail 2 route through Chelsea, Dalston, Hackney and New Southgate. Proposed changes are:

  • The location of a station in Chelsea
  • An extension from Alexandra Palace to New Southgate
  • The route alignment in Dalston and Hackney

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Consultation opens on Crossrail to Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert

Transport for London and Network Rail have launched a public consultation (from 14th May 2013) on Crossrail 2 – a proposed high frequency, high capacity underground route between southwest and northeast London.

The consultation asks for Londoners views on two potential route options. Both options include stops in Wandsworth at Clapham Junction and Tooting Broadway stations. Continue reading

Crossrail to Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert

As I was recently browsing the Council’s website looking for some boring documents on planning 😉 I discovered the very interesting page (actually it is more a portal) dedicated to Clapham Junction.

Of course most of the subjects are already on our website, such as the East London Line, direct rail services to Heathrow, or Brighton Yard. However I read with interest the article about the long delayed Crossrail 2 project with should direct link Clapham Junction to the West End and Kings Cross/St Pancras.

This project was previously known as the Chelsea-Hackney Line. It is significantly cheaper than Crossrail 1 which is costing £10 billion and will not bring any direct benefit to Clapham Junction or south London.

Two routes through Chelsea and Battersea have been identified for the line. Either option would provide direct links to the Underground network and relieve congestion on lines into Victoria and Waterloo.

There would also be a direct service to the Eurostar terminus at St Pancras. The Battersea option could have a new stop in north Battersea.

The current Crossrail 1 scheme, on which construction work has now started, will run through central London from Heathrow to Stratford. Services are due to start in 2017.

For up to date information visit www.crossrail.co.uk.

Despite some early map as below showing a branch south from Victoria Station underneath Battersea Park in the direction of Clapham Junction (shown as an interchange with Crossrail 2 on TfL’s East London Line route map), Crossrail 2 still has no timetable (2025?)