Haussmann’s Paris as a model for architecture?

Author: Cyril Richert

Exhibition Paris Haussmann

Paris organised an exhibition (Paris Haussmann – Modèle de ville – Pavillon de l’arsenal 31 January-7 May 2017) about the Haussmann buildings, their achievement and examples in terms of modern architecture. Continue reading


Victory for campaigners as Formula E will stop in Battersea Park after 2016

Author: Cyril Richert

Protest afgainst FE at the Council's buildingThose campaigning to preserve Battersea Park from the Fomula E event have all reasons to celebrate as they have secured a great victory on their fight. After a long and exhausting process, it seems that they have achieved a binding Agreement axing Formula E future events in the Victorian park. Continue reading

Difficult time for the Council as they receive a damning report

Author: Cyril Richert

Wandsworth Council has just received a damning report from Ofsted saying that vulnerable young people are being put at risk by “serious failings” in children’s services and that “there was a lack of effective scrutiny by senior leaders, elected members and managers” (read article from the Evening Standard HERE). But the worse might be that the Council’s self-assessment last June found most services as good.

That could be the most worrying, wrote a former Tory councillor, as showing a “cultural problem in which the belief that Wandsworth is a top-performing council overrides evidence to the contrary“. Continue reading

Wyatt Park People’s Fight For Justice For their Families

Planning outrage doesn’t happen only in Wandsworth, and here is an example of developers’ cow-boys hand-in-glove with Lambeth Council and the fight of local residents and their call for help (legal fight fund link)


Author: Wyatt Park Residents Group

Buildings erected on immediate back garden walls belonging to a small Streatham Hill

Buildings erected on immediate back garden walls belonging to a small Streatham Hill

On Friday 29th of January 2016 we – Wyatt Park Residents Group – took Michael and James Overton owners of Hambridge Homes to court for failing to notify us they were digging 30 foot deep excavations inches away from our Edwardian brick walls. Neither did they tell us they intended to erect 3 storey prefab-like concrete blocks with HUGE windows looking sinisterly improperly directly into our children’s bedrooms.

Continue reading

Council voted for 2 more years of Formula E in Battersea Park

Author: Susan Lofthouse (26 Nov. 2015)

Formula E racingCouncillors on the community services scrutiny committee voted, at the end of November, in favour of its return for two more years.

Following Tuesday’s demo and Committee Meeting, I left some breathing space before writing, although thank you to the dozens of people who not only emailed me with their appreciation of all the work done by all of you, but who have already started writing letters and thinking about the next step. Continue reading

Battersea Park to be severely damaged due to Formula E

Author: Battersea Park Formula E Action Group

Park notice

Park notice

Back in early summer 2013 the Council was in correspondence with City Hall about a proposal for Formula E racing in Battersea Park.  One should add that, according to news items, the venues under consideration had included Wembley; Battersea Park was not even on the agenda

Battersea’s connection with ex-Council Leader Sir Edward Lister

Why, then, did they suddenly decide that a small beautiful Victorian Park was a better bet? Possibly because of Battersea’s connection with ex-Council Leader Sir Edward Lister, Deputy to Boris Johnson. Continue reading