Ram Brewery’s owner sold site amidst financial difficulties

Author: Cyril Richert


Ram Quarter – 2021 – Credit: Google Map

Chinese investment has been a booster for many property developments in London, and a huge funder for Wandsworth Council for more than a decade.

However, the recent Chinese property market financial difficulties have had dramatic consequences abroad, over pressure from the Chinese authorities to pull out from foreign spending to concentrate on inland projects.

Shanghai-based Greenland Holdings, which owns the Ram Brewery development site in Wandsworth, has now sold the project, reported the FT last week. They said:

“Greenland is now backing away from completing the scheme having sold more than 300 homes. It has sold the remainder of the project to British housebuilder Berkeley Group for about £40mn, according to two people close to the deal.”

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Xmas present: size up 20% for the B&Q site, commercial space down 85% and less affordable-rent than required in the local plan

Author: Cyril Richert


Quod | B&Q Smugglers Way, Wandsworth | Environmental Statement Addendum | August 2021

Despite the pandemic (or maybe because of it?) father Xmas seems incredibly busy this year. While we are waiting for the new application for Peabody St John’s Hill (promised for next week apparently), developers for B&Q site have submitted their new proposal this week (p.a. 2021/5004). Continue reading

More density proposed for Homebase and B&Q sites in Wandsworth

Author: Cyril Richert

134_SecchiSmith_HawkinsBrown_Wandsworth_View 03_UpliftOn July 14th, we have been made aware of changes regarding the B&Q site on Smugglers Way and Homebase site on Swandon way (now owned and developed by Legal and General (L&G), with an invitation from their PR agency Cascade to meet. Obviously a meeting in the very middle of the summer holiday is not an ideal timing (unless if you want to avoid attendance). Continue reading

Homebase: a new scheme disguised as a “variation of conditions”

Author: Cyril Richert

At the beginning of January was submitted a variation of conditions for the scheme located on Homebase site, Swandon Way. Although this is not called a “new application”, it resembles a new scheme in any aspect. Amongst the most major new features, we could cite the increase of units by 20%, the suppression of all car parks but blue badges, 64% reduction in shared amenity, no more basement (it saves money) and the removal of a third of commercial space. Continue reading

A lot of hypocrisy on Osiers Site

Author: Cyril Richert

While the chair of the Planning committee, Cllr Guy Humphries

  1. argue that the Osiers’ scheme was the last piece of the jigsaw envisioned to “reshape” the area,
  2. admits that local residents might not have been aware of the plan, and
  3. asserts that developers’ interest should take privilege over local residents amenities,

the members of the committee start having doubts over the Council strategy and turn down the proposal.

The process of filling Wandsworth Riverside started under the leadership of previous Council leader Ed Lister: Battersea Reach beside Wandsworth roundabout started to fill up with towers two decades about, then Osiers road sites and now York Road is changing fast. The previous size of 9 storeys above which buildings would be unlikely to be approved as long been ignored forgotten by the Council.

A decade ago, shortly after approving a scheme with a 36 storey tower for the Ram Brewery (later scrapped by the Secretary of States), Wandsworth Council approved a a scheme including a 21 storey-tower. It seems the norm nowadays, but it was a breach of policy at the time as the council documents stated that 18 storeys will generally be unacceptable. And while the planning officers conceded ten years ago (already!) that “the proposed density [was]in excess of both the urban and central setting” regarding transport, they praised the scheme. Although it was the tallest of the area, the developers of Osiers Estate have justified their high density because “a number of high density scheme ha[d] been permitted in the vicinity of the site” already! Continue reading

Clapham Junction is losing its DIY stores!

Author: David Curran


In the 1980s, Clapham Junction emerged as a profitable spot for DIY traders. Close to the city centre and full of nice-but-tired (and, at the time, just about ‘affordable’) housing, the DIY stores realised there was a huge appetite for property renovations and that they were on to a good thing.  Over the years a big B&Q, as well as two separate branches of Homebase, sprung up along the York Road, as well as a pair of Travis Perkins branches on Battersea Park Road and Lombard Road serving the more serious builders. Over the last three decades  lot of the materials that went in to renovating, upgrading and extending the houses of Clapham Junction (as well as the wider catchment north of the river) came from these big box stores.

But that’s come full circle now, and the DIY stores that did so much to feed the regeneration of the houses of Clapham Junction are themselves getting priced out of the area.

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Homebase: developers are submitting new plans to be considered by Mayor

Author: Cyril Richert

Massing proposal

Developers for Homebase Swandon Way are now proposing a revised application, going back to the 17 storey tower as planned in their first application (deferred then rejected by Wandsworth Council), an increase in comparison of the 15 storeys previously submitted (and also rejected by the Council). Continue reading

Mayor of London takes over planning decision on twice rejected Homebase proposal

Author: Cyril Richert

Massing proposal

Following the unanimous rejection by the Planning Application Committee (PAC), of plans to erect buildings ranging from 7 to 15 storeys near  the Tonsleys and Wandsworth Town train station, in place of the current Homebase store (p.a. 2016/7356), the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has decided to take-over the planning decision. Continue reading

Scheme to redevelop Homebase site refused

Author: Cyril Richert

Homebase scheme compared to Wandsworth planning policies – courtesy of Wandsworth Society

Plans to erect buildings ranging from 7 to 15 storeys near  the Tonsleys and Wandsworth Town train station, in place of the current Homebase store (p.a. 2016/7356), were rejected unanimously by the Planning Application Committee (PAC) on Wednesday 26 April 2017.

It was the second time a plan to redevelop the Homebase site was refused. On 27 July 2016, the Council decided to refuse planning permission (by reason of the height, scale and massing of the 17 storeys Station building proposed and its relationship with the surrounding townscape). That scheme (p.a. 2015/6608) included some modifications to the initially proposed design of the 17 storey tower, following the deferment of PAC consideration at the last minute a few months earlier. Continue reading