Local Election: an opportunity for CJAG?

Author: Cyril Richert

Photo of the Green Party leaflet endorsed by CJAG (or vice and versa)

The Clapham Junction Action Group (CJAG) has been helping the local community since 2008. We prevented a plan to erect two 42-storey skyscrapers on top of the station (see HERE).

We constantly campaign to support local residents on their planning issues, inform on the latest consultations and key social issues, participate in workshops and forums, work with other community groups… Just browse this website and you will find +700 articles!

With this background, being represented in the Council and standing as a Councillor is a natural extension of our dedication to improve the area where we live and help the community.

It is the possibility to bring our expertise to the Council, share ideas and experience to make impact and changes, listen and learn from other councillors with cooperation at the heart of our project. But this is also the opportunity to get better access to the Council resources, engage directly with officers and get more help and support for residents and local communities.

With the Local Election on 5 May 2022, there is an opportunity to raise attention to the local residents. At this occasion (and because CJAG is not a charity nor a registered organisation currently), we took the opportunity to run with the Green Party, which not only shares and support fully our campaigns, but can provide us with the necessary knowledge and help during the electoral process (as I said, it’s about cooperation!). Continue reading

Wandsworth Tories pledge to cut Council Tax to 0 if they keep control

Author: Cyril Richert

Latest leaflet from the Conservatives in Wandsworth with their pledge of £0 Council Tax

In a last minute announcement, Wandsworth Council is sending leaflets to all residents with a pledge to cut Council Tax to… zero, if re-elected.

In their latest move, Wandsworth Conservatives pledge to scrap completely the Council tax if they are still in control of the Council after the local election next month, on 5th May.

Some of you might have already received the leaflet pictured above, but we’ve heard that they aim at delivering their latest communication to all Wandsworth residents before the end of the week. In their paper, they explain: Continue reading

Understanding the “Lowest Council tax” slogan

Author: Cyril Richert


Wandsworth Town Hall – Credit: Google Map

Having the lowest Council tax in the country has been for decades the biggest message branded  by the Conservatives during Wandsworth Council elections. Whether this has been the reason for their success (implying that people only care about money) has yet to be shown but it has become such a landmark of Wandsworth borough that nowadays the Labour party feel a strong need to display a similar commitment.

In this article, we will analyse the announcement made by the Labour and eventually what is the truth about the low Council Tax, what it really means in term of budget and services and actually… is it possible to change drastically Wandsworth Council’s tax? Continue reading

Peabody are determined to remove the remaining market tenants from the estate

Author: Tony Bird

Peabody Estate St John’s Hill – Credit: CJAG

Did anyone at Peabody board level ever care about the fate of the to-be-removed market rent tenants?

At least Tony Bird does. This Independent Housing Adviser/Consultant was approached by concerned parents at the local school to try and help the Tenants who at that time were facing being made homeless just before Christmas of 2021. Since then, he has worked relentlessly to prevent this situation and find a solution to re-house Peabody’s tenants. In this article, he talks about his experience. Continue reading

Update on work and new tenants for Arding & Hobbs

Author: Cyril Richert

Arding & Hobbs in March 2022

For several months now we have seen activity along the Arding & Hobbs building with scaffolding erected, protections put in place, windows being taken out to be restored… etc. It’s time to give you a little update on the progress, including the potential retailers that could occupy the building. Continue reading

Revamp of a huge scheme for York Road to double the number of small flats

Author: Cyril Richert

THE CANDLE FACTORY – Architect’s illustration

Developers for a 25 storey towers in York Road are submitting new plans to increase the number of units from 136 to 177, cramming 46 more 1-bed flats into the building.

The initial scheme for a 25 storey building comprising 136 flats that was approved in May 2017 should not change much externally.  However, the new scheme (p.a. 2022/0249) is proposing to convert the existing larger apartments into 41 additional units in the 88 meters tower block (including 11 affordable, in order to keep the same portion of 35% affordable) making a total of 177 units. This is managed with a huge increase of 1 bed-flats from 36 to 82, while the 2-bed units stay similar (from 80 to 86) and the 3-bed units decrease from 20 to 9. Continue reading

Not another one! Parma Crescent application again

Author: Cyril Richert


5 Parma Crescent SW11 1LT – Building work underway

The life of planning application for 5 Parma Crescent looks like a groundhog day. While the construction has started (at least the demolition and the huge excavation as shown on the picture above), the developers have now realised that not only the size of the new construction put next door building at risk, but they are also blocking a side entrance. This is somewhat “problematic” to use the applicant’s own word! Continue reading

Futurebuild exhibition: The Future, what’s it like?

Author: Glyn Goodwin FRSA


Last week I went to Futurebuild at the Excel centre. I confess I had never heard of it and was in two minds but it was a chance to meet with my fellow COP26ClimateActionPlan team in person so I went.

Frankly I wasn’t expecting much of interest but when I go there I was blown away by the sheer amount of sustainability solutions being worked on. Continue reading