The Battersea Art Centre seeked your support on its proposals to rebuild

Author: Cyril Richert

IMG_20160118_195709The Battersea Art Centre submitted its planning applications related to the rebuild of the Grand Hall at the end of March and they asked for people to support their proposals, especially on the Internal Application, which is the one proposing most changes with wall treatment and a new design for the ceiling, in addition to specific arrangements on the functionalities of the hall.

  • External Application: Planning: 2016/1349 (registered 29/03/16) Listed Building: 2016/1360 (registered 29/03/16)
  • Internal Application: Planning: 2016/1350 (registered 22/03/16) Listed Building: 2016/1359 (registered 22/03/16)

In what appeared to be a nice community involvement appeal instead of a real need for support, the Battersea Art Centre proposals got only 3 comments, with both the Battersea Society and the Putney Society supporting their plan . The Battersea Society said that “the proposals for restoration of the roof panels and retention of the patina on the fire affected walls are interesting” and the Putney Society said “this decision [to leave the internal walls as found] is of course the one that least inhibits an alternative scheme of decoration in the future“.

Unfortunately CJAG did not have time to comment as it was a speedy process and the applications were approved by delegated authority (i.e. by officers, without going to Committee to discuss) last week. However you will find below the letter that we prepared to comment on the application. Continue reading

Residents launch several judicial reviews against Wandsworth Council

Author: Cyril Richert

WBC-GooglemapIn an unprecedented move, several resident groups are launching different Judicial Reviews against Wandsworth Council. They are accusing the Council of disregarding residents and constituents in relation to planning applications, planners approving proposals despite not meeting standards, conforming to policy or satisfying the law and Council majority councillors refusing to communicate with them.

Proposals for Battersea Park (Formula E), Neal’s Lodge (Wandsworth Common) and 88 Thurleigh Rd have all issued claims at Court in the possibility of going to fill judicial review on Wandsworth Council planning applications. Continue reading

Local residents spending thousand of pounds fighting as they are ignored by Wandsworth Council

Land behind No. 88 Thurleigh Road London SW12 8TTEight 4 and 5 bedroomed town houses over 3 and 4 storeys including basements have been approved for “Town Cramming” onto a tiny site (formerly two tennis courts) with an unusually long, angled and very narrow entrance access-way. Residents claim they have been ignored by the councillors and officers. They have already spent several thousands of pounds in surveys, reports and judicial process in order to support their case. Continue reading

Decision deferred on the 17 storeys scheme in Swandon Lane (Homebase site)

Author: Cyril Richert

ProposalDecision on Swandon Lane/Homebase planning application (p.a. 2015/6608) was deferred yesterday at the planning application committee meeting. While the Council’s officers recommended approval for the scheme including a 17 storey tower, it emerged that the developers now wish to review their proposals and consult further. Continue reading