CJTCP – Presentation of the Business study for Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert

On Tuesday 19 September, The Means, appointed by the Council, presented the results of their feasibility study on the future of Clapham Junction town Centre. The company has been appointed by the Council to look into the different possibilities for the town centre business organisations to move to self funding. A Business Improvement District (business lead organisation funded by businesses) is the preferred option. Continue reading


Lidl makes further amendments following CJAG comments

Author: Cyril Richert

Lidl is amending again their proposal (planning application 2017/2972) in order to take into account the concerns from residents. They have:

  • removed their 4 car parks at surface level and proposed to extend the plants and greenery and keep the existing mature trees;
  • increased the number of electric car chargers as we recommended. Continue reading

A done deal with Peabody’s revised scheme

Author: Cyril Richert

Peabody is presenting their revised scheme for the redevelopment of the site in St John’s Hill. The new plan include additional height on several building: two buildings will have one single storey added and two others will have 2 single storeys added.

Changes highlighted in yellow

It follows the news in December 2016 that the estimated build cost for Phase 2 had increased significantly and therefore all construction has stopped, while Peabody is looking at amendments and a new planning application. Continue reading

Winstanley/York regeneration project: towers are so big they don’t fit on the image published by Council

Author: Cyril Richert

Architect image published in Brightside in September 2017 – towers are so big they don’t fit on the image published

The Council is pushing ahead the contentious plan to redevelop Winstanley and York estate and revealed for the first time the architect image of what is going to be build beside the new leisure centre.

While previous plans where showing buildings from above (never from ground floor) so nobody can see the size and the features of the proposed buildings, it appears now that the series of towers planned is so big that it cannot even fit on the page of the Council’s magazine. Continue reading

Zipcars could be left anywhere in Wandsworth (but not bikes!)

Author: Cyril Richert

Zipcar have recently launched an additional service in all of Wandsworth, along with parts of Merton, Sutton and south Lambeth, called Zipcar Flex. This service allows Zipcar members to make one-way journeys, rather than having to pick up and return a car from/to a dedicated car club parking bay. The Flex vehicles are permitted to park anywhere a resident can, including resident-only and shared-use bays, i.e. there are no dedicated bays. Continue reading

Homebase: developers are submitting new plans to be considered by Mayor

Author: Cyril Richert

Massing proposal

Developers for Homebase Swandon Way are now proposing a revised application, going back to the 17 storey tower as planned in their first application (deferred then rejected by Wandsworth Council), an increase in comparison of the 15 storeys previously submitted (and also rejected by the Council). Continue reading