Local Plan: Site Allocations: CJ5 Winstanley/York Road Regeneration Area, SW11

Author: Cyril Richert

The plans for the Winstanley Estate in Battersea

Winstanley/York Road Regeneration project

This analysis intends to complement the very poor attention given to the site allocation sections in the draft local plan proposed by the Council. For a full information, read our presentation with the list of site allocations that we are describing.

CJ5 Winstanley/York Road Regeneration Area, SW11

A lot has already been written on the Council’s regeneration plan and we have a full dossier about the area. You can specifically refer to our detailed explanation: The full case against Winstanley & York Rd scheme: social cleansing and contempt for local residents.

In a nutshell, we consider the scale of the current proposal as inappropriate for the redevelopment for the area and pushed without the support of the local community.

The delays in the construction phases, and the deferring of the 32-storey tower presented in January 2021 should create an opportunity to

  • “rethink” the entire scheme
  • reduce the size of the towers and massing of the proposal,
  • improve further the provision of social and affordable housing and
  • engage truly with local community in a constructive dialogue.

You can read a similar view in the Battersea Society contribution:

“The Battersea Society has expressed on many occasions its major reservations about aspects of the plans for this area: about the major densification, with a more-than-threefold increase in the number of housing units; the designs, especially of the York Road towers; the failure to provide any substantial increase in the amount of affordable housing provided; the circulation of traffic in and around the area; and the impacts on congested public transport. We shall not repeat our detailed concerns here.”

Indeed, if the Council wanted really to hear from the community on this topic, there is no much effort to do to find plenty of contributions already published.

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